Education is source of goodness and brings brightness in lives

‘’Under the sky one thing has been constantly bringing changes and that infinite force certainly is Education. However, it is the fundamental right of every citizen regardless of their cast, creed or dialect’’

By Mutalib Latif

There is no concealing the fact that Education is the basic need of human beings, but mainly, it proves to work as an asset to the 10423777_959622850733843_1509727775620567354_ntransformation of the framework of our society. It should be in our minds education is not a game we should play with it. It is a source of goodness, bringing brightness in our lives. Through education we will be able enough to know our fundamental rights and humanity. No one can deny the fact that education makes a man broadminded and a true human being. Some people are quit their education after marriage keeping mind the time-giving devotion to their marriage life.

Few days ago, I visited a professor in Government Ata-Shad Degree College in Turbat, district of Balochistan. I remember the venerated teacher, Mr. Rauf, holding the honor of Phd, who teaches Balochi subject in that institution.

A quiet learned man said, ‘’Education should be our life’s goal. Perhaps and die for its attainment’’. Further he said in an inquiring manner, ‘’I saw some people who formed bondage of marriage, a destination of their lives. I do not understand their reasoning why after marriage they abandon their education. But what I think is, the education is my spirit is therefore highly cherished by me. Adding ‘’I believe that education is the only important thing in the world.

Something that will never deceive us, full of happiness is called education. It just needs hard work. If we work hard, as it result it will be fruitful. All human beings need education because without education we are incomplete. We should gather world’s knowledge in our minds. If we think like a professor, our souls will reach the heavens. We need to work hard in order to taste the fruits of our education.

Often, we see many students after their classes. They don’t touch their course books. It’s a bad habit. We need to give time to our course books after classes. Perhaps have a small nap after schools or colleges. After nap we should do our homework and whatever we read in classes. We should revise it in our rooms. For those enrolled at a college or any institution. Yes, reading course books often seems boring but we need to read it, even though we get good health behind bad taste tablets.

Above all, adopting reading culture is fruitful for students. Rare students adopt this discipline. Despite the fact that libraries are available in very city of any country, students should willingly go there and read general books. In addition to that, adopting the cultures that will build our minds for good. Seldom getting stuck while we are giving a speech, or we are being asked questions.

Finally, this world gives value and respect to those who are readers and will-read and learned graduates. I need my brother and sisters to become graduates. Our country’s name should touch the sky. Keep working hard and give time to your education. Encourage our culture by reading. Give love to everyone then you can yourself are cultivating an educated person.


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