“Entering into wrong Waters”

By Shauchirag Baloch

One of the key prerequisite for prolonging Guerilla warfare is to hold your feet into the right direction and maintaining the unity among 324592905_3237fc5189_bthe frontlines. Ignoring this very basic rule of the game consequently ends with disastrous effects. There are multiple examples of insurgencies in much corner of the world, which have been eliminated by the internal disunity and disparity which eventually leads the struggles into the dark shadows. One of the recent examples would be the failure LTTE of Sri-lanka, where other factors along with the disunity among the frontlines ended with complete or partial elimination of the group by the Sri-lankan forces. The weakness of the group was utilized by the forces and ended the much story of LLTE. The differences between the leading Figures i.e. Prabakaran the supreme of the LTTE and Karuna the leader of the most of Eastern wings of LTTE gave the Sri-Lankan forces an opportunity which they cashed and got victory. The current wave of Baloch Struggle in Balochistan has been the most effective of its nature and as it aroused much public and minimal international support alongside with backing from the ideological blocks. It gains meaningful victories as compared to the past struggles, with affecting the most part of Balochistan.

With introduction of new policies and strategies the rural warfare changed its dimensions and entered the urban sphere and initially got effective results but soon the policy of targeting the Baloch people whom were supposed to be the spies of the security forces initiated the differences among the masses although people were involved in such activities but the mechanism of attacking and killing them was questioned by most of the society, the second step was targeting the non-Baloch people and it was justified the by the armed groups as they claimed it to be a part of a colonial tactics, and are being planted by the state to marginalized  and observe the Baloch people, so targeting them was justified, but this strategy also aroused serious concerns by the civil society and we have seen reports by the human rights organizations such HRCP and others.

The state is facing much problem and the situation of Balochistan is being considered as one of most dangerous concerns of internal security. The establishment adopted many brutal and inhuman policies to curb the ongoing insurgency ranging from extra-judicial killings to forceful abductions. It used many cards to counter the cause by announcing packages and scholarships for the Baloch people but it didn’t worked. It supported the parliamentarian parties to influence but the results of current general election was self-explanatory as the report of BBC claimed that the election turnout was only 3%.

Apart from these tactics it used its most influential trump card the religious card to counter the struggle by helping the fundamentalist such as in the case of establishment open support to Khuzdar-based a religious outfit, fighting against the secular arm groups but somehow it didn’t had desirable outcomes, but this strategy is still being operated as we have witnessed in case of Mekran division as bunch of new fundamental groups had aroused whom have burnt the educational institutions. Overall state has adopt much of its brutal polices to curb the struggle but with adoption of each policy the support for arm groups had raised and Baloch people started believing in the arm-struggle to guide them to their prosperous destination. But soon this support kept on declining by the wrong polices of the arm groups especially in the Mekran division but still it had the public support, but situation kept on changing as the dimensions of the arm groups kept on changing.

The current wave in the insurgency is the most dangerous one and it could erase all the hopes of the people in arm forces. We could witness that the arm groups have starting taking corners against each other alongside their supporters whom are much busy in social media by showing their political immaturity and lack of visions. The youth is much busy in blaming each other for the wrongdoing without the concern that these immature and useless debates would have dramatic consequences. This blaming has not been limited only to the social media but the arm-groups are also pointing dubious fingers on each other. One could easily take up the daily newspapers and confirm such blame games.

The internal disunity among the pro-independence political wings was an old phenomenon but the latest has been among the arm-groups which would only benefit the adversary which is already searching for such opportunity. The recent attack of BLA and the UBA camp in which a Baloch fighter also got martyrdom is beginning of a new chapter in the Baloch struggle where the unity among the groups is on the stake, such misfortunate would have the same consequences as the LTTE being one of the most dangerous groups had. The need of the hour is to settle down the disunity and completely stopping the blame game. The groups had to take such measures to assure unity among the frontlines if this continued than the day is not far where the current struggle would be only seen in the pages of history. The social media activists must reconsider their approach as accountability is a fundamental right but it must be matured, logical and fruitful.


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