Hazara Youth organizes a seminar about ‘Human Rights Violations in Balochistan’

By Comrade Mukhtar Hussain

On 21st November, 2014, the Hazara Youth International (HYI) conducted a seminar at Alamdar road, Quetta. The seminar’s agenda 10801698_326197467570428_6272424707298899165_nwas “Human Rights Violations in Balochistan”. The leading organizers were Comrade Noushad, Comrade Ali Mardan and Comrade Kareem, who also presented their discourses at the event.

Through discourses they expressed, “Baloch and Hazaras are being tyrannized cruelly, and in Balochistan the Human Rights abuses are over-shaded by state controlled media. The international world’s attentions are being diverted through fabricated protests and sit-in at Islamabad. Meanwhile, the genuine protests by oppressed peoples whether they are victim of sectarian violence or persecuted by blame of nationalism are misled by state media, whilst the scream of mentioned meek are being represented in wrong way by same media institutes as religious outrage which is a white-false.” They informed.

Further speakers stated, “Establishment sponsored militant organizations are being used to overwhelm the voice of masses. In this regard the defying elements like righteous journalists, human rights activists and intellectuals are being eliminated by these fundamental and armed organizations.”

“In Balochistan, conspiracies were hatched to get loggerheaded the nations on the ground of sectarian discrimination but up till now they are failed in this intrigue.” The speakers elaborated.

In the seminar speakers informed, “The capitalist and theologized parties of PTI and PAT were protesting at D-Square Islamabad against present regime of Nawaz and Zardari, but their distinguished interests did not let them merging into one. The mentioned parties’ protestors had run-over the PTV premise and other state central departments offices but astonishingly the state forces evaded to take any action against them. Contrary to that, if oppressed nations protest in any city of country, resultantly they face dire consequences by same state forces. This discrimination is beyond the understanding.” The speakers explained.

In the declaration of seminar said that the oppressed peoples of all ethnics create a chain of victim peoples whether they are Baloch, Hazara, Sindhi, Chitrali and so on and assist to each other in resistance against the imperialist imposed war.


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