Khans or Nawabs cannot influence on Baloch Struggle: Banuk Kareem Baloch

Against the Baloch movement taking up of mortgages will result drastically.

Bolan Voice Report

BSO-A conducted a reference on the 47th anniversary of the organization in Turbat. A great number of women and children joined the karimjaevent besides the youth, and Kareema Baloch the interim chairperson BSO-Azad was the prominent participant of the program.

Banuk Kareema Baloch at the occasion spoke to gathering. She in her speech told, “BSO-Azad is performing a significant role in ongoing Baloch Movement, and it is accomplishing like a mass party. The sacrifices of thousands youth in 40 years struggle have affected the infusing spirit of freedom in Baloch nation. Though some malicious elements used the platform of BSO for the gain of individual interests and for a time organization was used a ladder to access the positions of the occupant state. But the pro-freedom and vigorous workers of BSO has halted the way of opportunists and got exonerated organization from such greedy people. In fact, mentioned elements are striving to push the nation into marsh of slavery against the incentives.” She revealed.

Further Banuk Kareema Baloch explained, “No Sardar, Nawab and state can influence on Baloch Movement. The ongoing struggle is being fueled by blood of Baloch Youth, who are paying sacrifices of lives, persistently. Today, if any Sardar or Nawab considers the struggle his domain, so he/she is mistaken. Dr Malik and Khan Kalat are not representative of struggle, and the Baloch youth have foiled their conspiracies. Such elements also tried for taking up mortgage against the Baloch movement from international powers but have been obstructed in a succeeded way.” She elaborated.

The chairperson of BSO told, “Some elements are busy to create confusions in the minds of youth through social media, but such mischievous characters are being ignored and they are failed to penetrate in folds of BSO workers.” She informed.


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