Mir Gul Khan Naseer

By Shamsher Jamaldini, Nushki

According to Betread Russel, consciousness consists of three things, i.e. education, character and willing. Having these qualities 5214580067_561167c0f9Ricard Nixan had become the American president and vice president for 18 years. Similarly, General Deagall also ruled in France for nearly 16 years.

Likewise, Mir Gul Khan Naseer also resembles the same lofty and towering personality, because he is still ruling on the hearts of Baloch due to his Meritorious Services. Actually Mir was a social crusader. He wanted to emancipate prompted Balochs by his poetry, journalism and scientific politics. He was the incarnation of human love. He is still renowned in Balochi world.

Mir was a very passionate and outstanding leader. His cause, motto, vision, and his mission was the denounce class system. He strongly disliked chauvinistic approach.

As usual our history is replete with the doings if the Sardars who have brought humiliation and disgrace to Baloch cause in every age of period. But Mir sincerely defended Baloch cause.

The courage of Mir was beyond doubt. He criticized oppressions of Sardars and demanded for a new Social Order. No doubt, the upholders of truth are exception. In Balochistan, we still remember Mir and his colleagues.

Apart from this, Mir was also an inspirational and sensational poet. Obviously the acknowledgement of Mir as a “poet” was the bans of conception of Balochi poetry. He often expressed his philosophical views in poetry. His poetry is somewhat lyrical. In his poetry, he paints a picture of future happy state for the Balochis. His poems are also full of social pathos. He desired a relatively peaceful Balochistan. He offered his allegiance to the Balochi and Balochistan. He adhered to Baloch Cause till his last breath.

Mir was a broad minded personality. In order to avoid a perception of marginalization of the dissenting views, Mir composed his poetry to create a more conducive environment to allow dissenting voices, if any on rostrum.

Apparently always divide and rule policy is practiced on our Motherland. Even the zonal politician and shaky poets were dividing the Balochs on linguistic base just to gain vote bank and cheap reputation. He urged all the Balochs to patch up all differences and forge unity. For this he began to write in Balochi language.

Mir also wanted to radicalize the thinking of Baloch youths. Through politics, he boosted up the clandestine qualities of Baloch youths.

After annexation with Pak, a good number of Baloch haunted by poverty, political wilderness and regional depredation, decide to renounce Balochistan and migrated to Sindh and Punjab. Amid these unfavorable circumstances, Mir played a leading role and encouraged others to stay in their Motherland.

Mir was an ideal man. Once under a conspiracy when Baloch, Pashtoon dispute was so acute that it foreclosed any possibility of reconciliation. He removed their allusion by presenting the idea of Marxism. Subsequently, he became an influential NAP leader.

In short, he is a beacon light for Baloch nation. Thus we can foresee a better Balochistan in reference to his vision.


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