National Party is the real nationalist party: Shazia Ahmed Langove, Women Secretary NP

Interviewed by Tariq Baloch

Shazia Ahmed Langove is Secretary for Women at presently ruling National Party in the province Balochistan. Lagove families have langove - 1long time affiliation with mentioned party and Ms Shazia inclusion in the same party is one part of the continued series. In 2007, she joined formally the National Party. Ms Langove considers the NP genuine nationalistic and real forum for Baloch national welfare. She declines failure or drawbacks of ruling government in Balochistan. She claims for peace restoration in unrested province, and further she also claims for bringing on very low level to abduction including the dumping of mutilated bodies in NP regime. But she confesses about release or brings back to homes the missing persons of the province Balochistan. She desires for being a full-time politician but does not rely on position of women secretary or merely represent the females in future.

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and SAL for Shazia Ahmed Langove)

Blv: What induced you for joining the National Party?

SAL: National Party is the party, has clear vision about the Baloch people. The discussed party bases on an ideology and is struggling for provincial autonomy, and it has vibrant agenda about Baloch resources, hence these characteristics were charming me. The leadership of this party is from grass root level and belongs to middle class, and there is not any anarchy in NP. Mentioned party is pro-parliamentarian and this offers great representation to women and my family belonging with it also is a reason for joining the National Party.

Blv: National Party believes in democracy but tribal elements are influential in the same party, what is this?

SAL: You are talking about Sardar Aslam Bizenjo, Nawab Shahwani and Sardar Bangulzai, so they all are agreed with agenda and constitution of National Party. They do not have any position in party, but they are only Central Committee members being the MPA and MNA, even they did not contest for the party incumbents. It is sort of collective decision making but they are not decision makers in the party.

Blv: Tribalism is a system and politics is another system, so how simultaneously they are holding both positions?

SAL: Tribalism is gifted by British era and we are compelled to follow it. How people can give-up their recognition and family dynasty. How come Sardars give-up their positions. They have sympathies, soft-corner in heart and minds for their people.

Blv: It means National Party is not purely a democratic party?

SAL: How National Party is not democratic party! In our party, the chieftains (Sardars) and dukes (Nawabs) have to follow the party constitution, so it means National Party is a democratic party.  A Nawb or Sardar is not decision maker in party but he is a follower of party president and he is Dr Malik. The central committee of National Party makes all decisions and policies. In our party merit is considered; suppose, Jan Mohd Buledi is not a tribal notable but is spokesperson to the Chief Minister. I think the assumption about tribal-influenced people’s significance in National Party is totally wrong. I am a simple and grass-root level person and reached to position of women secretary in this party.

Blv: Can a common, brilliant and competent person defeat these Sardars or these Sardars will be agreed to work as sub-ordinate a low level person?

SAL: I don’t know why you are raising questions against Sardars, but I have occupied a position in party. I am a common person. Rehmat Baloch is Health Minister and proactive politician of party, but he is not a tribal notable.

Blv: Please explain the achievements of your party’s government, prolonging on one and half year.

SAL: You can observe improvement in situation of the province and prior to the National Party government, it was the worst. Before our party’s government, people were perilous while travelling to Karachi. They fear, might not be looted by felons, especially in the areas of Khuzdar and Wadh was the most turmoil. There was not any safety for passengers. But now people are travelling safely in discussed areas.

You could see sectarian and other type of targeted killing in the province, but now this series has been mitigated and is on the lowest level though has not been stopped fully, even it is about to none. I am not claiming for such assertions but the common citizens are testifying these feats of National Party government. People are satisfied with this government. You media persons should highlight such things that budget of province was 4% out of GDP (Gross Domestic Products) but now it is 24%. We have focused on affairs of youth and announced jobs to overcome on unemployment and have succeeded to some extent. In our time, more than all previous governments, the jobs have been announced, and its number is above than 5000.

LangoveBlv: National Party claims for being authorized and autonomous in provincial regulations but we have many examples that these showed it helpless. Suppose, the American Consular General Brine Heathe was not allowed for opening a Consulate in Balochistan and Chief Minister also acknowledged his powerlessness about this before him?

SAL: Let me tell you! Opening a consulate or embassy is subject of center and not an obligation of provincial government. We have initiated link-and-corner here at University of Balochistan. It is digital library, connected with entire world’s institutes and universities. It is bigger effort taken by Balochistan government than that you mentioned. I have no idea, why they were not allowed for an embassy or consulate in Quetta, possible the security is the reason for that.

Blv: FC is given the police’s authorities time and again in the province. If the law and order situations have improved so what was need of this?

SAL: Law and order situations have improved by efforts of Chief Minister, and FC’s deployment should not be concerned by the province’s people. If our government does not take such steps, then nefarious elements who want to get failed ours will be succeeded in theirs ill-intentions. Opposite powers are engaged to damage the repute of government, hence keeping in control to the situations such steps have been taken. But now FC is not fully authorized, as it was.

Blv: National Party claims for being an education loving party but in its era females are prohibited for going to schools?

SAL: Government is responsible provide health, education and likewise facilities to citizens but the augment of religious radicalization is not our fault. If any group comes and imposes its agenda and in foisted way implements its school of thoughts, so in such conditions entire society is responsible to get combated with such elements. I think you are pointing toward Panjgoor’s incidents, where they have opposed co-education system. The government how can refurbish the minds of religious people on its behalf? I think it is collective responsibility of all layers of the society to get exonerated from fundamentalism. In our society, religious parties are strong and they are supported by a section. Here, alone Dr Malik cannot curb such extremism.

Blv: National Party favors spread of knowledge, then why books about history, philosophy, progressive thoughts of schools were seized, and libraries got closed, why happening alike?

SAL: Laughing! Where such incidents happened, I think in Turbat? But you should see, we have promoted education in shape of seminars, conferences, the commemoration days of personalities like Gul Khan Naseer day, Atta Shad day, we have donated books to libraries. We have done much for knowledge spread and education, but there are some exceptional cases; those must not be beaten repeatedly.

Blv: The organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) claims that 500 bullet-riddle bodies have been recovered and about 3000 people have gone to missing in present National Party government era, what do you say about this?

SAL: This is our failure. We have been failed to recover the missing persons of Balochistan. But it does not mean we are not working at all, we are working. We are doing our level best to work on it, and this is our failure. But I disagree with VBMP about number of bullet-riddle bodies’ recovery and missing persons. This problem is not created by us, but this series has incepted by past dictator regime. We have been in government less than two years, and we have tried our best to resolve this issue. The number of bullet-riddle bodies has reduced in our government and it is about to none or very minor. The claim of 500 bodies is not true, and I do not agree with this.

Blv: VBMP blames that mass-graves have been discovered but a single person has not been held responsible for this heinous crime by government?

SAL: Mass-graves have been discovered by our government and previous government could not do this. Yes, this is responsibility of federal government and Defense Ministry. We could not do anything in this regard.

Blv: You politicians can go to people for vote but cannot give them protection?

SAL: If you are travelling to Khuzdar, Awaran or Panjgoor, so are not protected? Is someone taking  up you? But number of 500 mutilated bodies and being abducted of 3000 is untrue. What about those people, who are fighting against security forces and military, they are not killing? Thousands state official have been killed, who is responsible for this? If someone is involved in anti-state activities, so defense ministry personnel have taken them. But we always hollered that abducted people to be released. Dr Malik Baloch repetitively said on every forum that our children must be released. If someone committed any guilt, so he is to be produced before the court and dealt by prevailing laws.

Here someone considers us unauthorized, so we also admit our failure about such topics. The statics which have been told, is not true. If 3000 people are missing, so why 20 people are sitting in missing persons’ camp? When Mama Qadeer long-marched to Karachi, then why all these families were not with him? If we assume they were threatened, then why Mama Qadeer was not?

Blv: It is reverberated that National Party has given the main positions in province to other non-Balochs?

SAL: It is totally wrong, the National Party is defending all rights of Balochs but we never can snatch someone’s rights. Pashtoon Khuwa won seats of Quetta, because Baloch did not come for vote, so it is whose fault? Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch ever defended Baloch rights; suppose, he did not compromise on Baloch employment quota at Och-phase-II power plant, and about Guddani power plant he demanded for due rights. We consider our vote bank, future of our nation; similarly, they (Pashtoon Khuwa) also do and this is their legal right. But the Chief Minister is helpless, it is untrue.

Blv: Sankdak project is an example that China did not benefit the local people. So this government again going to handover the RecoDick project and Gwadar Coast to same state, why?

SAL: I suggest you people that must discard this thought from your minds, if China will invest in Balochistan so local Baloch will not be benefited. In past, as you mentioned was plundered in Sandak project, so at that time was not our party rule, but about RecoDick, Dr Malik Baloch is demanding for maximum share to Baloch nation. And Dr Malik Baloch on every forum reaffirms that I never compromise on Balochs’ rights, and if I failed in handling properly, so I resign from my post. I assure the Baloch nation that here in Balochistan will be investment, and resultantly there will appear new horizons of development for them.

Blv: Do you believe without a national-state Baloch nation can progress?

SAL: Look! Geography does not allow us for separation. Those people who are raising slogan of freedom, ever followed theirs interests. When they sought any chance in assemblies, so they availed it, and now they are misleading the people by slogan of freedom. They are not sincere with common people. Yes, it is true for 65 years which is an ample time too; the fake politicians could not deliver to the province people. But now, the real nationalists are in power by assemblies, they do not disappoint the masses. I am sure, we Baloch cannot afford further anymore rebellion, we can get our rights here within state of Pakistan. Foreign actors are using innocent Balochs.

Blv: Your message to Baloch through Bolan Voice magazine!

SAL: We Baloch must let Dr Malik Baloch to work for his nation and do not create hurdles in his way. Otherwise, it will be waste of time and loss of a valuable opportunity. The National Party government is real nationalistic and Baloch unite the umbrella of this party for sake of a better future. And we only can get our rights within remaining these borders.


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