Nights without you

More in a dark of glad I remembered you

Further the surrounding grown-up with an escalating breeze

I sit athwart, played with the waterway of tears

Seeing the heaven far-off

I flown a kite with no a bead in hands

As I was fairly doused in your remembrance

Left the chills of sips, accompanied the calm shore aside

Made a boat of pains, demanded it to go on

Walk off slowly, I await your return

Don’t come with empty hands

You look beautiful when you became alone in water

This seashore seems a forest with my solitude

The glass in my hand filled with a poison

And the luminous moon a hole of fire

Come as soon as possible

Playing with the dreams joyfully

The spiky moments gone by in jiffies

My eyes became shattered on seeing the way

The moon with a pretty look vanished gradually

But the tears didn’t stop trapping out

Ever since I saw the vessel voyaging towards me

Without a sailor and explorer

Aziz Ejaz


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