Remembering the legend Balach Marri

By Aziz Ejaz

In the world of luxurious there born very few people who may abandon his/her life of peace to toil for a collective purpose. The Great Shaheed Balach (1)Those who earn such an exceptional honor in their life not for oneself but for the future of the deprived nation make a history interminable. The roots of a struggle often initiate growing when someone feels whatever his/her surrounding is facing that are a sort of hardship. If we view over such outstanding historical stories, we can easily understand how much a vision is making a history.

The striking point that compelled, the 12years old school girl Vo Thi Sau became a guerrilla fighter, who later joined hands with the crusaders of Vietnam to fight against the tyrannies, obviously was the conscience of being a slave, treated as the indigents, measured as the suppressed nation and the humanitarian violence which was a rebuttal act of the occupiers. She accompanied the fighters and twice attacked the French force with the hand grenades at the age of 15. This is a vision for a great purpose, this is the glimpse of future of the upcoming generations obligated a teenage girl to toil as the existing life is harder to be passed under a colonial rule.

the execution of this girl at the age of 19, built up a stronger feeling of abhorrence but doesn’t keep anyone to be intimated so then the sacrifices and the blood of Vo THi Sau and thousands other paved a way of lighting a candle to celebrate a day becoming an independent nation.

Fareed Ali, a well-known warrior of Algiers, by occupation was a shoemaker tolerated the most alarming moments but the love of him to Algiers provoked  his sentiments to fight with till the last breath and he had done what a guerrilla does while defending a dignity of a nation.

In world history, we can find the most glinting names had sacrificed their lives for a collective gain whether that is the Cuban war of self-determination, the Vietnamese’s war of identity, the war of Algiers in acquisition of the land and the war of Libyan, in which the name of most reverend fighter Umaar Mukhtar comes, who fought bravely and tactically for almost 20years against the Italian forces. He was a multitalented warrior, in time of his resistance the Italian caught the women and the children and prisoned beyond the bars as to frighten them as joining the group being supervised under the supervision of Umar Mukhtar. The detainees including the children, women and men were stretching to 2.5 million among which most of them got martyrdom. In spite of such an inhumane act the movement of Libya didn’t halt but prompted it very comparatively.

We don’t need to go faraway, in history of Baloch there come the names of Hamal Kalmati, for detail ‘’Hamal kalmati; a symbol of arousal’’ can be visited, who fought against the Portuguese during the times of 15th century defending the land of his people. When the Portuguese’s forces initiated a huge scale of plundering, the sort of operation at the coastal region of Makuran, commonly known as Ormara and Gwadar. He has sacrificed his life for the inhabitants of the area but didn’t negotiate with the tyranny at any cost who were being guided by the notorious voyager Vasco Digamma.

On 13 November 1839, is one of the famous days of honor for the Baloch, on which Mehrab Khan, the legend with his several friends stood in front of the strengthened army of British and fought for the land of innocent Baloch! This audacious effort of him given Baloch a name integrated unity and a fear in the hearts of the British until the colonial rule existed in the region.

Later on 1948 the rebellion of Prince Aga Khan is a praiseworthy as The Baloch insurgents fled to Afghanistan and encamped at Sarlath, an area in the province of Kandahar. The Prince also organized the Baloch Warriors, former soldiers and officers of the Khanate’s army for fighting to achieve ‘’ Greater Baluchistan’’.   While returning back, they carried on their proceedings but were caught inauspiciously during a mission against the state forces.

Babu Noruoz, commonly known as Noruoz Khan is another chapter of resistance who initiated an armed struggle against Pakistan in 1958, but he was deceived getting a benefit of religious norms of Holy Quran by state machineries which resulted in capturing and later executing of him with his seven companions.

Hundreds of Baloch sacrificed their lives among which Balach is one, the entire Baloch feel proud of him. He was the brave heart of Hamal kalmati, the chest of Mehrab Khan, the temperament of Prince Aga Khan and the vision of Babu Noruoz Khan, and that made him a legendry in the history of Baloch.  The overall martyrs blood were in his bodily vessels that kept him engaged in a rebellion for a future be translucent from oppressions.

Balach Marri, once said that ‘’We mustn’t waste our energies in criticizing and distressing to each other while we have to employ our insight to make intellectualized pronouncements on political ground and instruct the nation mentality pro-independent’’.

Martyred of revolution Balach Marri was born on 17th January, 1966, at Khair Bakhsh Marri house in Kohlu. He was on third position among six sons of Khair Bukhsh Marri. He had got his basic education from a grammar school in Quetta, and for higher education went to Moscow, where the legend Balach did his master degree in Engineering and Journalism. He was journalist fully known about the humanitarian violence and the status of his nation so that he initiated his armed struggle tactically to provide the utmost energy to fuel the resistance of determination with a least lose.

Eventually, on 20th November, 2007, the martyrdom news of Balach Marri was proclaimed and Baloch legend Balach Marri’s martyrdom was confirmed by his elder brother Gazine Marri afterward, too. Balach got fragmented from Baloch Nation physically but his thoughts, vision and philosophy is leading the Baloch Nation even now. Every year’s 21 November is commemorated the day of Balach Marri and it is 7th remembrance of him has been celebrated in 2014.


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