The changing paradigm of Pakistani foreign policy

By Ahmed Khan

The relations between Pak-US have reviewed in the varying perspectives, and Pakistani state authorities are resetting paradigm for 261311-PakChina-1317086044-375-640x480the state’s foreign policy. First time, the Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif in a conference with audience packed at National Defense Institute Islamabad affirmed that they were involved with America in Afghan war. He also admitted for training and sanctuaries the Islamists on their land. The time and circumstance’s gust has pushed Pakistani authorities for repenting about wrongdoings in Afghanistan, where millions people lost their lives and even today the war-torn country is unstable.

At the occasion, the Defense Minister blatantly spoke-out that America is not a reliable ally. He stated that his country Pakistan paid heavy price in war on terror which they are fighting for a decade to seek the gratitude of United States; even they are awarded with impropriate way by the mentioned supper-power and further they are not consented to tolerate such attitude.

Further Khawaja Asif said, “American foreign policy has been disastrous for this region,” he said, referring to South Asia and the Middle East, adding that, “for all times to come, the geography of this region has been changed”. Further he said, “The discussed region may be divided by US through its World-Order by lines of sects and nationalism.”

On an occasion, Sartaj Aziz the sectary for Foreign Affairs rebuffed the US statement for sympathies to religious militants like Haqqani Network, and declined to take any dictation to ‘Do more’ in Federally Administrated areas of Pakistan. Mr Aziz categorically spoke-out that his country is not bounded to take action against all militant groups. If anyone is not enemy of Pakistan, so they will not deal with them whether those are challenging the America. Means, Pakistan has changed the foothill that it is not against the American foes, as it was in war on terror. This statement has gashed a deep line between present and past standpoint of Pakistan and this is a great alteration in the states foreign policies.

Another sign in change of foreign policy is the purchase of armaments from Russia. Especially, the purchase of MI-35 Military Helicopter’s fleet and JF-17 war planes. By now, the Russia has lifted sanctions regarding the sale of military equipment on Pakistan.  Prior to this, the Pakistan was acquiring such equipment from US and other countries, which were costly, compared with Russians. The US also conditioned for not using the supplied war equipment against Baloch and Sindhi nationalists, which were only permitted for using against religious militants. But new accord with the Russia does not contain any stipulation about gained war equipment’s use. Pakistan’s establishment requires such sophisticated warfare tools in Balochistan province is formed with mountains. In this province, a war for separation is underway and state is intended to crush it by acquired war machinery from the Russia.

The Russia got annexed the Crimea and some other areas adjacent with Ukraine. Such acts are challenge for America being sole supper-power of world. Consequently, the America with some European states have imposed sanctions on Russia, and this has propelled to her for seeking new markets and allies to get down-prestige the rival America. The Russia and Pakistan are getting closed and varying realities are impacting on foreign policies of entire world states including the state of Pakistan.

When Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff Mr Raheel Sharif was visiting the Kabul, instantly the renowned politician and key figure of establishment Mr Mushahid Hussain Syed spoke to world media that time has changed, and now decisions would be made by Islamabad, Beijing and Kabul instead of Washington D.C. This statement explicitly entails the Pakistan’s foreign policy changings and signals for inclination toward the other neighboring states but shows discard of America in regional games and partition in partnership of past political business, too.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif officially visited China, where both countries inked several bilateral agreements regarding energy generation and in other sectors. Mr Sharif meeting with his Chinese counterpart said that Pakistan will assist to its friend country in curbing the religious fundamentalism. Be remembered, in Chinese province Xinyang an Islamic movement for separation by “Turkistan Islamic Movement” is underway.

The statement of Mr Sharif clues that his country has altered its foreign policy about the West only, but it never changed its nature. Means, the Pakistan considers enemy to the militants are against the China. Even Pakistan does not evade crushing such elements which are waging war against its friend state, whether they are fighting for Islam or an Islamic state against the atheists. This major development can be felt in Pakistan’s (an Islami theoretic state) foreign policy.

Here it palpates the mind that Pakistani authorities have not learnt any lesson from fighting the proxy war or interfering in someone’s internal affairs. The involvement in Afghanistan’s matters has gifted an unending war in shape of religious militancy and it also caused a great devastation in country of Pakistan as equally the victim state Afghanistan. Now it is offering to fight for China in Xingyang against religious extremists will catalyze attacks on state forces and its interests. The appeasing to China in this way is totally wrong, because the Pakistani citizens will have to pay the price of enmity with someone that they have by this time experienced and suffered a lot.

The discussed statements prove that Pakistani foreign policies paradigm has been changed, and now Pakistan will get employed China in Afghanistan and will get its share. The India will be compelled to give-up investment in Afghanistan. By this the western borders of Pakistan will be safe and secure, which is a great distress for the state authorities. The Pakistan will acquire modern war equipment from Russia because of financial needs to this country created by the Europe in shape of embargos beside the Ukraine dispute.

It is also a considerable point that the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif after 15 days prolonged visit and receiving the medals by host country the America, told that NGOs and Multi-National companies are not in favor of the state of Pakistan. The NGOs and Multi-National companies mostly run by American but not by the Chinese or Russians. The mentioned organizations always secured the interests of America and the West anywhere in world. Hence, this statement straightly goes against the United States. In Pakistan, the Army Chief occupies a great power in all state affairs including in foreign policy.

The demarcated dimension of Pakistan’s new foreign policy hints that country is inclined toward China and it is end of Pak-US relations. The Chinese influence in world has affected Pakistan greatly and now this block in leadership of China is going to arrange new World-Order in the perspective of their interests. The destined foreign policy of Pakistan indicates, the American is not reliable ally anymore.


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