The issue of IDPs

By Shamsher Jamaldini, Nushki

Now-a-days, the issue of IDPs is being highlighted is full swing. Print and electronic media are also raising huge hue and cry idps-balochhalregarding this. Apparently, IDPs are suffering from the last few years or few decades. They are being left helpless due to tug of war up world powers. The ongoing international crises are due to rivalry between the players of the cold war. The multi-purpose squabble has put the world in large-scale socioeconomic crises. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are the direct result of this conflict.

According to the reports of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centers (IDMC) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 50 million people on the world map are homeless and forcibly displaced among them, 16 million are refugees, 35 million are Internally Displaced and more than one million are asylum seekers. Other than the IDPs, there are around 14 million stateless people who have no international recognition. Major issues faced by the IDPs are food shortages, unhygienic and limited camps, loss of education, lack of health facilities, epidemic diseases, clean water and sanitation problems, sexual harassment and clothing issues and so on.

Primarily there are two basic reasons behind the inception of IDPs. They are two sided-calamities that are generally bifurcated into man-made and natural. But most of the calamities are either man-induced or produced. Though the sudden outbreak of disasters like floods, cyclones, famines, sectarian and ethnic conflicts is undeniable in displacement of people, the case of IDPs is mainly related to man-provoked and fashioned disasters.

The cruelties of enlighten and developed nations are resulting in devastation, desolation and wreckage of the globe. None of the continents except Europe, Australia and North America are free of such impoverished people. Major countries with IDPs Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Columbia, Myanmar, Palestine, Nigeria, Kashmir and the list goes on.

Amid of the all IDPs, especially the IDPs of Balochistan are considerably homeless and openly stranded in Sindh and Afghanistan and their lives are in danger. They can either be abducted or killed by security forces as their relatives faced the same persecution.

So the permanent solution of this issue is political settlement that is needed to solve the ever-increasing issue of IDPs through mediation or whichever scheme fits. The conflict zone, the warring groups should be stopped, arms supply should cease, above all, the longstanding issue of Balochistan should be solved on political bases and properly address of the problem is totality.

There is dire need of an immediate national, regional and international response. IDPs deserve swift attention, intensive care and outstanding consideration. They should be helped to the maximum to at least temporarily heal their wounds. They should be given compensation and their homes should be reconstructed. So they would be able to revive their previous peaceful life.


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