AFGHANISTAN: A reminiscing history of Vietnam for US

On 28th December 2014, the ISAF force withdrew from Afghanistan, formally

By Ahmed Khan

The Afghan-War concluding ceremony was held in an undisclosed venue in Kabul on the 28th December 2014. The function of ISAF ISAFin Afghanistan, reminisces the Vietnam story when the last running American soldier flung into a helicopter ready to take off to flee Vietnamese insurgents.

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was operating in Afghanistan under the command of the United States of America, and after 13 years warfare against Talban insurgents it announced the winding-up of operations on 28th December 2014. The ISAF force formally conducted a ceremony about ending the operations in Afghanistan. The charges were vested to Afghan forces for onward security matters. The venue of event was not disclosed to media and other higher authorities to evade any attack by Taliban insurgents. This event totally bares the triumphant claims by the United States rebut and reminisces the memories of Vietnam-War.

The ISAF program held in Kabul and in that it was said, the international world has pull-out the Afghans from darkness and put them on a path to bright future.

If we retrospect the 1970s era, when the United States with flagship of capitalism invaded Vietnam, where it setup a pocket of local people in South. The supporters of the US were not genuine representative of Vietnamese but were mercenaries. While in the north, the revolutionaries were backed by the masses of Vietnam. They were inclined toward socialism and were being backed by the Soviet Union at that time vanguard of Socialist block.

The United States in the pretext of supporting South Vietnamese entered in the region to abolish socialistic mindset and halt the way of this system  expanding further because the US was menaced that if a single state falls in socialist system, thus entire region will be engulfed by that system. In this way, a great threat will stand up in front of their desired socio-economic system, capitalism.

The foreign forces on all fields used their power and top technology against indigenous and righteous people, but all went in vain. The Americans tested their Napalm bombs there which have the characteristic of spreading fire to a wider area as well as used Cluster bombs which get placed in soil and explode by a minor touch of anybody to it, even span of ample time these do not expire due to sophisticated manufacture. Where the US tried to establish a front consisting of local warriors but eventually failed in the worst way. The defeat was destined to the Americans as a result of which its last soldier escaped from Vietnamese insurgents and hopped into a helicopter that took-off from the land of Vietnam. The US faced a humiliated defeat in Vietnam, and now after 40 years history repeated itself in Afghanistan.

On 11th September 2001, a drama was performed and dubbed 9/11. It was carved merely to invade Afghanistan and get access to Central Asian natural resources. America launched air strikes on Afghanistan in 2001 with proclamation to root-out the Al-Qeada that had attacked the World Trade Center and Defense premises in Pentagon. The American air strikes followed by ground fighting. The US overthrew Taliban theologized government within months with the help of the Northern Alliance. The governing was given to an anonymous person Mr Hamid Karzai as a ‘Yes-men’.

Taliban dispersed after a meeting in their stronghold Kandahar and announced for guerrilla warfare until the expulsion of last foreign soldier from their land Afghanistan. They reorganized in 2003, and launched an unending series of attacks on ISAF and Afghan forces. The America exploited all its maneuvers including political coaxing tactics to get on board the Taliban for its domination in the region, but has botched.

The America with its NATO allies has misadventure in Afghanistan and it had forgotten the arena of the Vietnam. The American leadership was impudent about her technology and war-equipment; especially was relying on Pakistan which divulged as its sleeve snake. The American journalist Carlotta Gall after profound research wrote a book “The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014”. She told that instead of Afghanistan the main enemy of US is the Pakistan and that has inflicted it in great loss and this mentioned country in underground is succoring the fundamentalists, which are confronting with America.

In Afghanistan, total 120,000 troops participated in Afghan war under the command of United States. Afterward an alliance International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was setup, consisting on 43 countries with aim to bring peace and security in Afghanistan, but that almost nosedived in achieving its goal in hotbed Afghanistan.

In 13 years prolonging Afghan-War, the ISAF’s 3387 forces were killed. The American killed troops number is 2257, United Kingdom 453, Canada 158, France 88, Germany 57, and 374 others respectively, while 16,013 personnel of Afghan Security Forces were killed in attacks by Talban.

America in Afghanistan like Vietnam used very destructive war machinery and massive bombs. In Vietnam, were used Napalm and Cluster bombs and in Afghanistan Daisy Cutter 25000 pond heavy and oxygen evaporating bombs against Talban were used. The US also carpet bombed in Afghanistan, and used Cruise and other innovated missiles with air technology which caused million civilians death apart from militants.

The United States stepped in Afghanistan with aim to modern colonized in the style of Iraq, and in same pattern trained a force ‘National Security Force’. The US army trainer edified about 352,000 troops with purpose that they work for its interests. In Iraq, the United States formed an army and by that is controlling entire country and merely has stationed a short number of military staff which is commanding and supervising entire Iraqi army including civilian puppet government. The same experience America wants to test and get benefited in Afghanistan, in other words it can be dubbed ‘Modern Colonial System’. But in Afghanistan, the norms and objective circumstances are some different than Iraq, hence the established force does not seem obedient to US.

The America ostensibly launched attack on Afghanistan to avenge the Al-Qeada against the attacks on 9 September, 2001, on its World Trade Center and Defense Headquarter Pentagon premises. The Arabs of Al-Qeada were foreigners, consequently to some extent this organization has been disturbed, even the leadership has been eliminated but totally has not exterminated, yet. But the Talban are indigenous in Afghanistan, hence defeating them is invincible by the United States and ISAF forces.

The developed Afghan National Force only can deal with Talban. They both are native of Afghanistan and equally have familiarity with rugged land. The Afghan authorities should take Talban with them in government being stakeholder. If the Talban like past play on instruction of foreigners, so the Afghan forces has only option to win heart and minds of their civilian, then they will be able to combat those. If the Talban do not give up working on foreign agenda, so then theirs destine will be defeat.

Presently, situation is this that many parts of Afghanistan are in control of the Talban and the Afghan government writ is confined around the country’s capital Kabul. The Afghanistan provinces; Helmand, Kuner, Pakteya are being controlled by the Talban and in many areas the Afghan army cannot move in night hours. The renowned intellectual and author of several books about Afghanistan and Talban, Musa Khan Jalalzai comments in media that Afghan National Army is not fortified in Kabul, the remote areas are farfetched. In the presence of international forces, which had assistance of air-force and sophisticated war-machinery, could not wipe-out the Talban. By now, they have winded-up their operations on ground and evacuated from Afghanistan, so it is out of sense that how Afghan forces will overcome on Talban?

There are also concerns about Afghanistan’s economy, currently 90% of Afghanistan’s budget comes from foreign aid because of that state’s entire economy has become dependent on foreign aid. The World Bank has expressed its concern that if foreign aid is stopped after ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country’s economy will collapse. Many social reforms were introduced in Afghanistan after American occupation which included giving equal right to women, at present twenty-four million Afghan children are going to schools in Afghanistan while during the Talban their number was barely five thousand and women participation in job and politics has also been encouraging. But now because of the US withdrawal there are concerns that these reforms are still weak, if the Talban increase their influence in the region once again it will have negative effect on these reforms. However, the main issue is that after the US withdrawal the balance of power will deteriorate in the region and there will be a gap in balance of power. Pakistan, Iran, India and China have braced themselves to fill this gap.

The situations and objective circumstances are implying the Talban may not occupy entire Afghanistan once again, if they would be supported by the Pakistan in past pattern to get this country its fifth province. Now Pakistan is inclined toward China to bring it in Afghanistan and win a suffice share in business by the sycophancy, as it did during Soviet era.

In Afghanistan, after withdrawal of ISAF forces, the situations got much complicated. The China is backing Islamists presently, and Pakistan does not want existence of US in the region. While the US, India and Afghan government are on the opposite side. How situations will tilt, the upcoming time will prove this. The America by power almost has failed to occupy the Afghanistan. The concealed festivity in Kabul about conclusion of 13 years long war is solid evident regarding this argue. The Talban also declared this act of coalition forces ‘Complete Defeat’ and they re-affirmed for continuance of war till expulsion of the last foreigner force. While the US announced for stationing 13000 forces in Afghanistan with purpose of training to Afghan recruits and assisting in especial operations. But the main aim is to command the army and keep its hegemony on this state, which has always turned inhospitable for invaders. On 28th December 2014, the wrapping the luggage by ISAF forces, in Afghanistan, is repeat of Vietnam’s history.

The Afghan Army is only institute that they by aptitude of epitomize, debonair and veracious can win the hearts and minds of the country’s masses which are the real power to defeat anyone. The politicians with army serve fairly to commoners and bring a system of parity for Afghans and it based on humanism. If they failed in doing so, then the orthodox will be ruling on Kabul like past.


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