Balochistan predicament: Inkling to way-out

By Furhad Baloch

There is no denying the fact that Balochistan has been neglected by the successive governments for decades. To top it all, the farhadBaloch people have been denuded of their genuine primitive rights for long time. People of the province resorted to violence, writ of the state is being dwindling, illiteracy graph is touching the sky and the worst is the fact that degree of distrust between the centre and Baloch people has deepened.

In place of considering their unaddressed due rights as they are demanding from the state they have been subjected to high level of sense of deprivation.

Notwithstanding, an undying resolution to the issue needs the straightforward and urgent attentions of the center. If the state is earnestly determining to find ways to the conflict then the government on its part should throw out the aggressive and heavy handed attitude. First and foremost, it is mandatory for the state to ensure them their rudimentary necessities of life with which other provinces are enjoying. However, the harsh reality is that without wooing back the Baloch hard line separatists into national mainstream it seems hardly viable to find a durable solution to the problem.

Here are some hints that might be prelude to resolving the long standing issue.

1) Ensuring promotion of education.

2) Releasing all Baloch missing persons.

3) The kill and dump policy should be put to an end.

4) Doors to power of corridor should be opened for the people so as to pacify them.

5) Negotiations to be initiated with the key Baloch who hold more sway.

Last but not the least; negotiated settlement to the conflict is possible through soft corner on the state’s part. What is more significant is the fact that instead of barricading behind high walls the government should shake itself out of deep stupor so that the issue is resolved through dialogue.


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