China has ignored all human values by supporting occupant: Kareema Baloch

BSO Karachi zone general body meeting was held under the presidency of the zonal organizer with BSO Azad’s Senior Vice imagesChairperson Banuk Kareema Baloch as the honored guest. Talks were held on zone’s performance, organizational work and achievements, current international and local political situation and approaches to be taken in future. Talking on the national and international political situation, the Chairperson emphasized on the importance of Baloch national struggle and said that it has become a crucial part of the geopolitics.

The Chairperson added that by boycotting the Pakistani elections, Baloch people have shown the world the mass support it has in Balochistan, and it symbolized the strength and unity amongst the people; adding that the appointment of Dr. Malik’s unauthorized government and allocating other seats to his team and calling them as Baloch nationalists is all part of the bigger plan to continue Baloch genocide, she said that this is principal reason that Pakistan’s Prime Minister in his foreign visit to China had Dr. Malik along with him as the representative of the common Baloch to convince the Chinese for investing in Balochistan without any fear.

The speakers warned that the Balochs have always made it clear that without the consent of Baloch nation no country would be allowed to exploit Baloch resources in the name of development and China is mistaken to believe that a so called government in Balochistan would be able to provide any security to its interests in Balochistan.

The Vice Chairperson said that China is equally responsible for the human rights violations in Balochistan as it has ignored all the human values by supporting Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan.

She called for a national awareness initiative to understand the historical accounts, the geopolitical importance of Balochistan and the crucial stage that Baloch nation is going through in order to make the world recognize the existence of our Nation and that no decision should be taken with regards to our country without our consent.

The Vice Chairperson stressed the need of a long term strategies with a national consent in order to make the movement successful and achieve the decades long desire of Baloch people of an Independent Balochistan!


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