Extra-judicial arrest of BMC’s students

By Basheer Ijbani

ijbariThe province of Balochistan has single Medical College; the Bolan Medical College [BMC]. This sole college has turned into the den of
problems due to lack of introspection in administrative staff. They are unable to work out at institute BMC and get it developed and innovated. If we look at exam and admission processes, then it shows quite troublesome. No doubt, quandaries are created by head of institute the principle, who unreasonably is disturbing the students and driving them to unrest, like strike and protest. The authority of BMC deliberately is stimulating the students for the provocation. The students expressed this way about their college BMC’s staff.

Recently a protest was conducted by students on 5th January, 2015, and it continued till 10th. The students were protesting against unreasoned revise in schedule of exam, the mean of protest was to denounce the misbehavior of principle, too.

The protesting students had demand the exams are to be rescheduled because their fellows have gone to native areas, like Kashmir, FATA and so on. Their fellows are out of contact to convey them information about exams on 20th of January. With mentioned reasons, the student demanded for defer the examination date, until February. The BMC’s principle had refused the students proposal scornfully, which lead the students toward the protest. The Baloch Student Action Committee [BSAC] and Pashtoon Student Federation [PSF] called for combine protest against this invalid stand-off by the college principle.

The student had stand-point that they were protesting peacefully and for their demand to reschedule the exams, but principle without 24-pakmed-net-february-05-2013-medical-education-college-student-dfcdweresorting to the protesting students, had called police that arrested them without committing any offend.

Afterward, a MPA intervened into the matter and got released the arrested students and settled the contention by the formation of a committee, and the exam date was extended to the 10th of February, 2015.

 The member of BSAC Dr Ababagar Baloch talking to Bolan Voice said that protest was peaceful, and the students did not commit any guilt, the demand was to postpone the exam, it wasn’t a violent strike that police was called and that brutally tortured the student. He said that he condemns this act severely, and it is not proper way to solve out the row by subjecting the students for conduction of protest. Furthermore, he said that whenever they sent committee members, so we welcomed them and by the discussion dispute was solved out.

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