Hazara Youth International (Balochistan) arranges a rally to denounce the Peshawar School carnage incident

By Comrade Mukhtar Hussain

Hazara Youth International (HYI) Balochistan chapter’s activists arranged a rally against attack on a School in Peshawar, where10689466_335571833299658_8527052445876493849_n innocent children were murdered by extremists. Rally had kicked-off from Nasirabad cemetery and via Milo Shaheed square, Alamdar road had reached Shaheed Square, and at that point it had converted into a demonstration. The organization Hazara Youth International’s salient leader Comrade Naushad also addressed at occasion to the gathering.

Comrade Naushad said, “Quetta’s inhabitants are sorrowed about Peshawar School’s shocking incident and theirs organization denounces the attack on school and carnage of innocent children by terrorists in state. The discussed incident opened eyes and mind of establishment also sensitized about pain of Balochistanians who are suffering for 15 years due to genocide of Hazaras and Balochs. These nations are enduring pain of their beloved ones severance in shape of missing or receiving mutilated bodies, and they are agonized because of target killing, bomb blasts and other terrorizing activities in province.” Comrade notified.

Further Comrade Naushad said, “Recently the Pakistani Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited America and it was not commented in media proportionately. The thorough visit clues that imperialist prefers the Pak-Army on the civil leadership. The appeal of Sartaj Aziz and Khawaja Asif regarding informing the agreement contents of Army Chief’s visit to Prime Minister approves this logic. It is being predicted that a settlement was made between the America and Pak-Army regarding Talban. Subsequent to discussed visit, the American official in a news briefing affirmed that operation ‘Zarb-e-Asb’ is upsetting both; the good and bad Talban. Simultaneously, Sartaj Aziz told to media that the ‘Good Talbans’ are not threat to Pakistan. Consequently, the statements have great contrast, and repel the impression of consensus between government and army.” Comrade elaborated.

Comrade Naushad spoke, “General Asim Bajwa the army spokesperson twitted that the American Foreign Secretary has hailed Pakistani efforts and its sacrifices, and the America considers Pak-Army the center of power in country. Hence, this means, the America is desired to deal with Pak-Army but not with civilian government.” He communicated.

Comrade further said, “The Pakistani civilian government through its statement also minimized the importance of Army Chief’s visit of America. The Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif strived to entice the China and Russia for assistance in sustaining their government, which seems totally void. The Army Chief during his stay, assured the America about dealing the good and bad Talban evenly, and the Peshawar incident may not be in the perspective of same accord and ground of earning the Dollars, as in past it was practiced by same actors.” Comrade indicated.

After registering protest, the organization (HYI) workers dispersed peacefully.


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