Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo: A Political teacher

By Shamsher Jamaldini

I have no words of admiration for Mir Ghows Bakhsh Bizanjo, as he emerged the 1st political teacher of Balochistan with a beautiful big_p26e (1)and gusty speech, highlighted the shameful character of imperials and boosted up the laymen. He also motivated some genuine persons to come in political too.

Actually Mir Ghows Bakhsh started his political career from college life. During the student days of undivided India, Bizanjo was a member of the Indian Communist Party and actively participated in the war of independence against the British rulers. He was arrested on several occasions and remained in jail of present India till he returned to Balochistan.

Initially Mir Bizanjo spearheads the campaign that Balochistan should enjoy independence and should not join the Pakistan Federation voluntarily or involuntarily.

He as leader of the house in the House of Commons in independence Balochistan prior to the province joined Pakistan.

He addressed the joined session of the parliament – the House of Lords and the House of Commons – and discussed the accession issue in detail, the decision of late Mir Bizanjo prevailed as most of the members were convince with his historic speech opposing accession or merger of Balochistan with the new Pakistan state.

 However, in March, the Khan of Kalat acceded to Pakistan merging the state of Balochistan which had got independence from British on August 11, 1947. Consequently Bizanjo unintentionally accepted the decision of Khan of Kalat and revised his strategy to participate in Pakistani politics.

 No doubt, late Mir Bizanjo was the most outstanding political leader who severed all the people without any bias and discrimination, in real term, he was a state’s man and wanted to build Balochistan on progressive line in those days, he after PPP, defunct NAP, was the powerful party in west Pakistan and Bizanjo wanted to develop an understanding or conclude an accord with PPP for an agreed constitution ensuring maximum autonomy to the smaller provinces, mainly Balochistan.

However, in 1947 election, NAP emerged the single majority party in Balochistan and KPK and registered its right to form the Government in two provinces of Pakistan.

 When the demand conceded, Bizanjo became the Governer, his administration oath as the Chief Minister to Sardar Atta Ullah Mengal who enjoy two/third majority in Balochistan assembly, PPP won a single seat in the 1970 election.

 Apart from this, Bizanjo also rendered sacrifices for Baloch cause. He remained in jail for many years; he was one of the prisoners in Hyderabad Conspiracy case. Arrest and detained by general Zia-ul Haq during his enter period or 11- year rule.

He was the man on the front Lune fighting for human rights, democratic and political rights of the people in general and defending the civil liberties for the people without any discrimination.

He was known as the father of progressive politics hating the politics of communalities sectarianism and other negative concept, in politics thus, he was having all qualities of inspirational leadership.

His joining of Pakistani Parliament was merely strategy, but alas! Such a paramount leader is neglected by all Balochs and now-a-day he is cashed by National Party, which is a big loss for Baloch movement.


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