NA body tells media to blackout terrorist’s coverage

By Ahmed Khan

After Pashawar School carnage incident the state departments stood to oppose the Talban, and in this series the National Assembly told media that all institutes blackout the coverage of terrorist organization.

The instruction given by assembly is to be reviewed in broad spectrum, so it does not seem applicable for the media organizations, particularly in Balochistan and KPK. The assembly members approved 21st amendment but many of MNAs half-heartily voted for setting up military courts, the reason behind is the ideological or consciousness politician were forced by party leadership or establishment for doing so.

The militant organizations were formed by establishment and they confess this, on several occasions. Now game is changed and the creator of militant organizations wants to rein the unleashed Talban in the state.

The militant organizations were trained for guerilla fight, so they seek soft targets; obliviously, the military is not soft target because it is armed, trained and vigilant but the public and armless institute’s workers are soft target for discussed organizations. If the institutes, especially media is brought in front of the militant organization, consequently they will not avoid eliminating them or threatening the armless media-men. In such conditions, the military can deal with militant organizations and it must not push media on front. It is mandatory that media perform it due role and positive role as well as encourage the righteous side, but the situations are totally vulnerable in country, so in the prevailing circumstance, the journalists dispense the duties in limitations for the survival.

In Punjab and Sindh, the media institutes are not perilous comparatively Balochistan and KPK, in Balochistan, the substances are the much complicated, where the religious and separatist armed organizations are waging a war; the religious organizations are carrying-out sectarian strikes whilst the separatist are engaged in subversive activities and fighting against state forces on guerrilla style, and these secessionists also justify their stance on political ground beside the warfare.

The media is obliged for being neutral and par coverage to both sides, especially interacting with the political thinkers. If parliament gets media on its side wholly, resultantly it will cause strangulation of this department, otherwise its basic essence demises. If media institutes don’t cover a portion merely sake of incentives and individuals benefits, thence those are not practicing journalism, and are like a business or a hired firm.

The Balochistan is the most dangerous zone for journalists, where the martyred journalist’s list is the most prolong. The parliament gets more influenced on this province’s journalists or media institutes, then here practicing of this profession almost will be impossible and such consequences will be affordable to each side party, and beside this region’s masses will be voiceless lacking the journalism in this modern age.


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