Power of belief

By Bilal Sabzal, Kech

Once there was a small village in which many people lived; and they were content with their lives in that small piece of land. In beliefaddition, they were passing their lives working very hard for their livelihood. However, when they got free from their work as usual, they gathered in a particular place in order to spend their precious time with one another. Moreover, they discussed and revealed the diverse aspect of their lives’ ups and downs. In the same manner, days converted into months and months into years affectionately.

Slowly but surely, all of a sudden in a day a resident of the village got to known about his disease. It led no words to define that he was in a miserable condition after knowing of the toxic cancer that he had. In fact, he thought time and that he would leave this world very soon. When the natives of the village came to know regarding his disease; they encouraged him that he would be fine soon as well as they told him not to keyed up. As days kept going on, his disease got worse due to which he got irritated and more often he had fights with the villagers.

Long story cut into short, the inhabitants of the village got fed up encouraging him again and again, so they decided not to interfere in his life any more.

Experiencing the situations around him, he took a decision that he must leave the village and go far from the ones who stopped taking any interest in his life.

It is a crystal clear fact that the diseases worsen as they are cured; correspondingly, his disease was affecting his hands in a rapid manner. So, in a dismal and gloomy night his hands were terribly paining due to which his sleep went away from him, which affected his mind; and he thought of pounding some herbs to use them as medicine. However, he put his words into action; and applied the medicine; he got from the herbs, on his hands in order to get soothe from the pain. After some minutes, he felt relaxed as well as he thought that this medicine could become the remedy of his sickness.

Frequently, a new hope emerged in his mind causing satisfaction to him; he kept using the medicines continuously. So, he returned back to his native place. When the people of his village saw him, they got astonished; and they inquired him about his disease. In response, he uncovered all the circumstances that he went through; and he told them how he got relief from his poisonous disease. Further, he cleared that it was the belief which got him the cure of that disease that brought him back to the life. Surely, if you have belief then any sort of impossible things become possible in this world. So, keep hope alive till your last breath, because belief has power. As a great person says, ‘’the future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams.’’


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