Single Balochistani Party

By G. Raza Khan

War is not new to human beings. Reaching to the present civilization, the men have fought numerous wars. Sometimes, those wars single balochistani partywere disastrous. Thousands of people were massacred. Most of the wars were attributed to religion, believe and ideologies. However, the realities were some different. For instance; in Europe, crusade was termed as holy war against Muslims. Pope Urban-II tempted Christians to liberate their sacred-venues from Muslims. A large number of people contributed in the wars and became the victims. Actually, there were economic motives behind those so-called religious conflicts.

At that time, feudalism was prevailing in the Europe. Through the feudal system, the eldest son would inherit the land as legacy and rest of the sons would have to acquire wealth for them from theirs resources. While living in Europe, the prospect of their earning greater wealth was much challenging, consequently they would strive for a good fate out of the Europe. Meanwhile, the Europe was unfocused by foreign invaders. In such circumstance the European rulers had opportunity to attack on the East to plunder treasures vis-à-vis get fame, too. This fact exposed during the fourth crusade, 1202-04, when the crusaders invaded Constantinople – capital of the Byzantine Empire and they pillaged in the city the worst.

Similarly, in the Word War-I & II; each time the Germany was scapegoat. The whole wars shortfalls were due on the Germans. They were berated for their fascist designs. Japan was bombed with deadly atomic technology on the same ground and the realities were concealed. In fact, the World War-I & II were fought for conquest of new markets. The developing countries like Germany and Japan were desired for more shares and the age of colonial powers resisted them. As a consequence of World War-I, the Europe and America sliced the wealth and strategic locations of Ottoman Empire including several weak countries. Thus, the World faced comparatively little threat from fascism. Rather, it was capitalist’s interests that devastated the Europe and Asia.

Today, we are confronting the circumstances similar to a world war. Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and the Africa are on fire. This time, again, the same techniques are being used. The notion of religious extremism has been spread, and various extremist outfits have been created. The question rises here as to whether religious extremism has any rational base to charm the masses in this modern age. The answer is in negation. Religious fanaticism does not have space in human society anymore. Modernization and development are very essential for human survival. Therefore, society always moves forward. It may stagnate for a moment. However, it never retrogresses. Owing to this fact, one can find many examples in the history where religious bigotry has been defeated.

In the Europe, it was triumphed over with advancement in Science and Technology. In Indian Sub-continent, people have always rejected the extremist movements and personalities like Faraizi Movement and Syed Ahmed Shaheed. In Balochistan, secularism has been hallmarked by its culture. In such condition, how can religious narrow-mindedness and extremism reemerged and challenging the world equipped with sophisticated technology, science, ideas and philosophy?

These are the imperialist powers that have given boost to the extremist organization like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram etc. Media is doing its best to divert public attention towards these puppets and ignoring the exploitative agendas of imperialist powers working behind. France exploits the Nigerians via Boko Haram. She wants to curve the reason of its presence over their land. In the meantime, she is plundering the oil resources of Nigeria. In Middle-east, ISIS paves the way for creation of so-called independent Kurdish state which will prove to be the new American base in nearer future. Though Kurds have the right to sovereign state yet liberty under the umbrella of imperialists is the worst of its kind. Other agenda of the ISIS, in the Middle-east is to facilitate Qatar and Saudi Arabia to supply their natural gas and petroleum to the Europe, respectively. Apart from these, many facts are yet to ascertain.

Since our establishment is the serving obediently to the imperialist USA, it exactly is pursuing the US strategy. It has cherished many extremist organizations to suppress the progressive elements. In Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa, it has successfully crushed the issues of Greater Pashtoonistan and Durand-line. In Balochistan, it has now created the so-called subordinate branches of ISIS which have intimated Zikris, Hindus and Shias to accept their savage brand of Islam. Apparently, it targets the religious minorities. In essence, it is aimed to counter Baloch political struggle by crippling the young political cadres. Its task is to perish the secular cultural heritage of Balochistan. It has the task to pave the way for big powers to take control of Gwadar, and the ReckoDick is yet another treasure to fight for.

Concerning to the prevailing harsh realities of the Great-Game, huge responsibilities lie upon the shoulders of the intellectuals and political workers of Balochistan. To overcome the problem or at least minimize the sufferings, a single Balochistan Party which may include people of all ethnicities and creeds of Balochistan is the need of hour. It is the high time to refrain from power politics. The senior-most politicians like Sardar Attaullah (Mengal) Baloch, Arbab Zahir Kasi, and Tahir Khan Hazara should play their role in bringing various tribes, ethnicities and political parties close on a single platform. Otherwise, not only Balochs, Hazaras, Zikris and Hindus but whole of Balochistan will be at the receiving ends of the ugly future happenings.


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