Some incredible at Balochistan University!

Bolan Voice Report

The present coalition government of Pashtoonkhawa and National Party claim for reformation and betterment in all fields of the balochistan-university-fileprovince, especially major developments and improvements in education sector, through their through statements appear in media.

On the ground, the mentioned parties are busy in nepotism and irregularities harshly, as it is their last chance for ruling, so they grab maximum.

In previous days, the Pashtoonkhawa party leader Reheem Ziaratwal’s daughter Bakhat Zareen was appointed on 17 grad at Balochistan University against the post of museum curator on the adhock bases. Within one day the influential politician’s daughter was regularized and upgraded on 18th scale, and this was not congested there, but astonishingly she was promoted on the grade 19 of Assistant professor after lapse of minutes. For the discussed post, the selection board of the same department the Balochistan University meeting was held in September, 2014.

It is pertinent to be mentioned that for Assistant professor post the M.Phil degree with four years teaching experience as lecturer is required. But the daughter of Mr Ziaratwal was not meeting the credentials of job of assistant professor, even than she was given position bypassing the all rules and requirements.

On the other hand, in Geography department at University of Balochistan a Baloch female Nargis Baloch has PhD degree, experience and also has been interviewed by selection board but she was neglected by the authorities unreasonably. Ms. Baloch was called for the lecturer position by the selection board but she was not enlisted for being interviewed. For the Assistant Professor she was interviewed by selection board and met all factors satisfactorily, even than was not given the post and against this biased attitude she lodged a case at high court too which is under trial.

Ms. Kalsoom Baloch is teaching as visiting Faculty (lecturer) in Bio-Chemistry department at Balochistan University for seven years. She has not been regularized yet. Her students have got job at same University and were regularized, as well, but unfortunately she is yet performing as visiting lecturer. It has been informed that the authorities often ask her for going to Turbat because she is local of that area and there a university also has been established.

The resources informed, recently a prayer leader (Imam) has been appointed in mosque at boys hostel Balochistan University. He is not a local of Balochistan, even citizen of Pakistan and is an Afghan refugee.

Ordinarily, the University administration orients vacancies in media, and then conducts test and interviews of candidates for the appointments. The selection board after scrutiny of documents and thorough check of the abilities of applicants reaches to a decision to nominate the high level brilliant candidates. But about the mentioned case the all requisitions and parameters were bypassed and barely base of influence and nepotism Ms. Bakhat Zareen D/o Raheem Ziaratwal was appointed.

This mentioned tale bares the reality of claims by the ruling parties of the Pashtoonkhawa and the National Party in the province of Balochistan, as well as this act manifests sincerity of said parties to the province’s innocent masses. The Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch in a statement said that they cannot provide jobs to all Balochistanis due to scarcity of funds. Perhaps they don’t have for common people, but for the influential people, is abundance of founds that they get high position within minutes. Sure! This double standard of dispensation will not let develop, even will push in to darkness and mutiny further.


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