The role of linguists in a nation

By Maria Abdul Sattar, Kech 

The term linguist refers to the person who studies languages or is researcher within the fields or to someone who uses the tools of linguistic_levels13721the discipline to describe and analyze specific languages. In other words, linguist is a person who studies linguistics. I won’t be wrong to say that linguists are in season and out season ready to face the music to provide their best to any weak language. Likewise, several languages never lose their status just because of significant efforts of linguists. Indeed, linguists are a great patronage for a nation owing to their remarkable roles. For instance, maintenance of languages, promotion of languages, saving languages and so on.

  1. Maintenance of languages

It is true that linguist write languages and they perform their best in order to sustain every language or tongue since a nation can’t function without soul. So one can judge the gigantic attempts of linguists to maintain the languages by their written works regarding importance of languages as well as portraying such articles which convince all and sundry to read write and understand their tongues for the same purpose.

  1. Promotion of languages

It is not wrong to assume that a nation needs to improve its language in order to promote itself. Thus, linguists are the ones for who works from dawn to dusk for the promotion of languages. Undoubtedly, they enhance the languages by adding new vocabularies and including different phrases, idioms, sayings, expression, proverbs and so forth. Just due to such deeds of linguists, majority of languages reach the status of improvement.

  1. Saving languages

Saving languages is very much necessary in cases when nations or sates are suffering from countless problems. Here the biggest example we have is our own country, which is facing a lot of obstacles these days with regard to saving the endangered languages or tongues in the country. However, in such bad circumstances linguists are ready to give helping hands and they move heaven and earth to survive the languages till their demise. No doubt, they do lurch from crisis to crisis and sometimes face death throes for the aim of surviving the languages; nevertheless, they give up.


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