The VBMP releases annual 2014 report on missing persons and mutilated bodies

By Farooq Baloch

The organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) released annual 2014 report on missing persons and mutilated bodies 54a5bf95e7c85via a press conference in Quetta press club, at the end of year.

Nasurullah Baloch the chairman VBMP in press conference delivered information to journalists. He said, “In 2014, during the present government, 435 people have gone to missing while 455 mutilated bodies have been recovered throughout Balochistan. Among the dead, 107 were identified as Baloch and 348 could not be identified. In given the number of mutilated bodies, the discovered mass-graves in Tutak (Khuzdar) dead are also included, where more than 10 graves were discovered.” Nasurullah Baloch informed.

Further the chairman VMP said, “Before now, the relatives of missing persons were accusing to agencies for picking-up and throwing mutilated bodies of their endears, but now this has been approved by Supreme Court of Pakistan that secret agencies are involved in enforced disappearances to people and throwing their mutilated bodies in Balochistan.” Nasurullah Baloch claimed.

Nasurullah Balch lamentingly said, “Before now, the mutilated bodies were recovered and those could be identified by a paper piece inscribed with name and information attached with corpse, but thrown mutilated by now are put acid and limestone on countenances, consequently those are totally decomposed and unidentifiable. This act has added further in pain of aggrieved relatives of missing persons.”

Nasurullah Baloch said, “The Bolan Medical Hospital is the largest medical institute in the province Balochistan, but mentioned hospital’s mortuary is closed and there is not arrangement for keeping the dead. Similarly, the infuriating situations are overwhelmed Civil Hospital Quetta. The recovered mutilated are kept three to four days in hospital, and then without identification these corpses are buried. In this way, the relatives cannot know about fate of their endear ones whether he is alive or dead. These sort of despicable acts are adding in agony of victim relatives, who are almost psychiatry patient. This is a human catastrophe in Balochistan.” Nasurullah Baloch mourned.

Chairman VBMP forth some suggestions to present provincial government and said, “The provincial government is to build a cold-house at Civil Hospital Quetta for the storing to recovered mutilated bodies, at least for a month. Withstanding to this, the authorities launch a website and in that the data is to be uploaded; details, photos, video clips of corpse and likewise to assist in recognition of mutilated bodies by the relatives. The dead’s DNA samples are to be taken and they should be buried in a separate cemetery and each graveyard is to be assigned a number. In this way, the far-flung areas people will be able to approach and identify theirs endear cadaver. Further you media persons are requested to publish the snaps of the recovered mutilated bodies in print and electronic media, which will convey information to relatives of these victims.” Chairman pleaded.

Nasurullah Baloch reminisced, “The present ruling parties’ members pledged for release of Missing Balochs but now they have reneged and totally ignoring this mandatory issue. The Pakistan Ordinance (PPO) was approved to empower the army, and now the Military Courts setting-up is totally against the human rights, and we also emphasis on Chief Justice to halt establishing the Military Courts.” Nasuruallh Baloch requested.

Nasurullah Baloch notified, “Some secret elements are threatening him for the renounce mass-graves and missing persons’ case pursuance. If any member of VBMP organization or I face any untoward, so present government and the secret agencies will be responsible for this. The VBMP is non-political organization and solely working peacefully for the safe release of Missing Balochs. We appeal to United Nations, Human Rights Organizations, Civil Society and Justice Providing Institutes to play their due role in bring on surface to Missing Balochs and halt the series of throwing mutilated bodies in the province of Balochistan.” Mr Baloch appealed.


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