Hazara Youth International Commemorates 10th January massacre

By Comrade Mukhtar Hussain

Progressive mindset Youths’ organization, ‘Hazara Youth International’ conducted a condolence session on 1907928_345183939005114_3877287235939246979_n10th January, 2015, in the commemoration of previous year’s deadly attack on Alamdar road Quetta, where mostly liberal people were victim. In session, all walk of life progressive thinkers had participated, and at the occasion Comrade Naushad represented Hazara Youth International, Professor Naik Mahmmad the Revolutionary Socialist International, Comrade Abdul Sattar Awami the Workers Party, Nadir Ali Hazara the Hazara Political Workers Party, Rafique Altaf Hussain Advocate Progressive Academy and Trade Union leader Comrade Ali Mardan represented his organization, respectively.

The participant presented red salute to demised ones and sternly condemned the Almadar road Quetta homicide incident.

They said, “In Alamdar road Quetta incident 168 families were ruined which wretched the hearts of billion people around the world. Belonging to the humanism, nationalism, pacifism and progressive school of thoughts people condemned severely this atrocious act. They also denounced the state’s policies about bolstering the religious extremism in its womb. Bomb blasts and killing of innocent people became daily routine but regrettably the offenders are not being brought in book, here in state of Pakistan.” The speakers blamed.

Further they said, “Extremists are killing oppressed nations; Hazara, Baloch, Sindhis and likewise, who are raising voice for their rights. On the other hand, the fundaments are sent to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and European States and now the religious elements are being used as weapon. But it is natural phenomenon that petted snakes bite to everyone, the digger himself fells in pit-hole.” They reminisced.

The speakers addressing to gathering said, “The present government is powerless in the foreign policy and defense affairs which are dealt by military establishment. For 40 years the masses have been suppressed by religious armed organization. Now people are being split in factions on the ground of creed, sect, and commune with aim to distract the attentions from genuine problems and distant the citizens from their fundament rights. The Sindhi, Baloch and Hazars nationalists’ mutilated bodies are being thrown merely to get them abnegated from their political standpoint and rights. In this quandary, the progressive and downtrodden people get unite like a single body as its each limb feels pain of other, and wound of single part makes unease to entire body.” The speakers prescribed.


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