“Importance of real beauty”

Naseem Brahim, Turbat

It is a harsh reality that, real beauty has got a crucial role in the lives of human beings. However, beauty is lybia_peace_black_peace_dove_fav_wall_paper_background-999pxhow you feel inside, it reflects in your eyes or it makes you ugly. It is not, the real beauty grants you power and this power can be an elegant help in coping with any situation. There is surely no doubt that, having a well-dressed and a well groomed is as equally important. I often see people tend to judge others by their outer looks before they get a chance to know them time help to impair our confidence this indeed plays a vital role in our daily lives. As it as tremendously quoted that, never judge others by their face rather judge people by their character.

Apart from this, looking good should not be the sole means by which one should judge others for beauty is like an ambitious that seems to be with us forever.

This is the power of inner beauty which can makes us positive and by the dint of it one can surely pass a glad life. There is no room left to doubt that, whose self-esteem depends on staying young and beautiful feel entirely miserable as they begin to get old along with confidence which they have in themselves. No matter you are fat or thin, black or white, short or tall, fair or freckled rather we all are remember that we whole are human being or homo-creation and we all are beautiful and unique in our own especial ways. Every single human being is perfect in his or her own perspective. On the other hand, what I am trying to explain here is that our thoughts also have a tremendous impact on us. Hence, we must always be positive and avoid negative thinking as much as possible. We must also ensure that we look at the bright side of every situation, since positive thinking plays a fundamental role in enhancing our inner beauty. It is well reputed fact that, our inner beauty makes us a courteous and modest person instead of making us vain and proud and that’s the specialty of the inner beauty.  So I believe it is not always the physically features that add up to once character that makes anyone stand out in a crowd, making them unique and beautiful. Ronald Dahl has well reputedly said, “A person who has good thoughts cannot be ugly wither you have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth, a double chin and stick out teeth. But if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

So the next time, someone or something makes you feel that you are not beautiful just close your eyes. Likewise you don’t know how good you are but others can always see that you are especial .Thus, you have to know the deep down in your heart that beauty is not always having a pretty face; it’s about having a beautiful soul.


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