Literature has great significance in human civilization: Waheed Zaheer

Interviewed By Ahmed Khan

Waheed Zaheer is a renowned writer in Balochistan. He has a distinctive diction in novel writing and 35001_524970587548933_558692968_nsketching. Simultaneously, he writes in Brahvi and Urdu languages, and his books, ‘Barmala’ and ‘Barackus’ got greatly eminent that are about the personalities. The books published in Brahvi language is liked by youth amply, and new editions of his books are in process of publishing. He wrote several drams for TV and Radio, and is a recognized compare at there, and he is affiliated with news department for 20 years.

Waheed Zaheer through his writes up conveys message to people for being attached with human values and constructive traditions. He also opposes exploitation and the system based on injustices, but he is a staunch supporter for a fair system and end of persecution on people in his contemporary society.

[Blv stands for Bolan Voice while WZ for Waheed Zaheer]

Blv: What is principal role of a literate in a society?

WZ: A literate is knowledgeable person in its contemporary society, and that is well aware of negative attitudes in surrounding. The literate is naturally magnanimous, so that is valued by its surrounding people, but very sad to say that in our society literate is considered as a clerk.

Blv: How a literate’s work is distinguished from poet, journalist and a historian while in same society?

WZ: Being literate is a specialization, so that has acquaintance with past, present and future. And if a journalist and historian possess this quality, so that is called intellectual and literate, but the historian works in circle of history, only.

Blv: How the literates contribute in human civilization?

WZ: The revolutions are to be looked, so the literates share in those looks conspicuous due to theirs role. Literates ever strived to get aroused the people for struggle whether that is socialist revolution or is revolution of France or anywhere else, but those had been contributed substantially by literates, in the mode of ethic, social and so on. The societies, in that the literates were neglected, consequently theirs fate was dwindle in shape of morality and civilization. The literate only generates think-tanks for a society, because excluding this only political thoughts bring-up the absolute despotism. We have specimens, the societies, where literature has been amalgamated with politics, so improved style of ruling has gained in outcome. The Russia undervalued the literature and by source of science and politics expanded its borders, and then its repellent consequences are in front of us. Same practices are being repeated in our country. Wherever the power is used instead of literature and literate, eventually that society was destined decadence, because excluding literature and literate a society cannot persist for longtime. Hence, by the assist of literates can be ruled on the heart and mind of a nation rather than power, and this is also the course of nature.

Blv: Are literates disposing their obligations presently; if not, then what you suggest for them?

WZ: Firstly, the Baloch never ever independently ruled. If we talk about Kalat State, so at that time, the literate and literature was equally none, if supposition be made that Baloch intellectuals had any role in state settings, resultantly theirs status also would be some different. The politics always have been practiced and that is the why Baloch could not strengthen its civilization and the moral values have been marred albeit subtle junctures came for improvements. Today it is being felt that reforms are mandatory while semi-tribalism is prevailing and regional situations are also not conducive for literates, though they are striving and somehow have prominence too. Even though, the Baloch literates and intellectuals are not desperate, and they are coping on their capacity. In region, the other nations are facing intensive circumstances and the Baloch cannot sit being impacted. For the promotion of literature and intellect, the credential rate of education is elementary. In Balochistan, the education rate is very low, but people have political mindset. Anyhow, a country development depicts on knowledge level of its citizen, otherwise the condition remains unchanged. On the same pattern, the Baloch intellectuals are coincided with the contemporary national level thinkers that injustices are obstacle in our society advancement, and it is also vexed question here. Baloch intellectuals are well disposing but they cannot get into the mainstream media.

Blv: History narrates that Paul Saarthar through its pen and pragmatically struggled for oppressed nations’ deliverance, what are reasons for Baloch literates not doing so?

WZ: Unnatural wars have been imposed on Baloch, so in such condition if the literates were willing to play a role but they were pressed down, and consequently theirs work could not turn-up sizably. For instance, Mir Yousaf Aziz Magsi, Lala Ghulam Mohd Shahwani, Abdul Rehman Khawajakhail, Gul Khan Naseer and such as Mir Ghus Bakhsh Bizenjo had strived to convince the contemporary rulers through their intellect but they were rejected scornfully. It does not congest here, the discussed personalities were subject by their age of rulers and they were imprisoned. Afterward, the literates and intellectuals were maltreated, like Nadir Qambrani, Babu Abdul Rahman Kurd and other Baloch intellectuals and youth were tyrannized against the demand of the legitimate rights. If we assume, the Balochs were wrongful, so what was problem with Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Habib Jalib, they were non-Baloch. Sheikh Ayaz what mistake committed, Qalander Momend what for demanded? They were ideological persons and they were intended to put the country on right path. So, I already mentioned, by power cannot be ruled on the masses, the intellectuals should be got on board and nations ought to be got united to defend the aggression by any outsider. The entire world humans are desirous to live peacefully, they be good and speak politely, and Baloch is not a distinct creators and if other are optimist and desired to live peaceful, so similarly Baloch too. The unnatural war has been imposed on them.

 Blv: Presently, the exploitation of human is on culmination by the same species human and in such situation how literates can add in building up an exploitation free system for human?

WZ: As I told that without literacy the ignorance cannot be overcome. The literates are struggling against the witlessness from the foremost day. By now, the ruling class should perceive the matter that exploitation how gives-out ramifications and what has resulted these injustices? I believe through Bloodshed societies never can develop. Anywhere in world the level of exploitation is high, so there human are being grinded in the grinder of tyrannies. Wherever the ruling class of a country takes weapons to crush their people, thence in those states were intervened, and the Afghanistan is best model, and now our country is on the same broached path, because of such deeds it has stricken in perplexities. The intellectual on several occasions recommend the ruling class for flexibilities in policies but all went in vain, and now may they get realized.

Blv: Being a literate how do you see future of this society?

WZ: We are moving to our destination. No individual is sitting without the looting and dishonesty in this society; the gap is widening between the ‘haves and have not’. Ideologically, also we have no direction. Pakistanis are thirsty of each other’s blood; no institute of state is consolidated. We claim for being Muslim, but our deeds never match with Islamic injunctions. Trade is not being practiced lawfully, and in the same way the politics is not being practiced as parties’ manifesto. And if the sentiments for melioration are require to be generated, so all can be well in a short period, because the sources of conveying to masses are available which are to be used seriously. The intoxication by power for rule on people must be relinquished and this is utmost condition for normalization in situations; the critiques have to give-in the realities.

Blv: Baloch are getting alienated from customs and tradition. How will be the future of this nation?

WZ: Baloch are conscious toady comparatively the past. Again we come on same point, has the Baloch been given due status and rights? If they were given, then why this land would get the fire, I think it is not being dealt seriously. And if Baloch was not conscious, then here would not be any disturbance, and they would be involved in cases of the smuggling of weapons and narcotics. The police station and courts tradition would be prevailing here. If we observe truly, then Baloch is the most humanist and philanthropist, and there is no match of this nation. Baloch has paramount relation with truth. The throwing acid on female is not culture of Baloch. The semi-tribalism is detrimental for Baloch. Each Baloch is representative of the society’s characteristics. The international powers are responsible for current unhealthy situations, but not Baloch nation. Or here politics is misinterpreted. If the politics is to be put aside, then Baloch fully possesses human values in entire country.

Blv: It is said that Baloch society has contaminated; is it true?

WZ: The large cities of country are engulfed in chaos; is Baloch involved there? In several cities, dozens of people were killed because of disagreeing on tiny issue of marriage. In which cities mostly the Internet and Facebook are being misused? In the pretend of education where money is being made? The prejudice and bias wind where from blown? Who is practicing trade dishonestly? Oh my brother! If we are Muslim so we collectively ponder over the Islamic injunctions. If worldly education is medium of success, so it is to be implemented for all on parity. Only in Baloch society has not occurred changes, so how the question of spoilage or degradation is being raised about this. In this country, is needed only justice and it is also being demanded by 180 million masses of state, ultimately is no way without provision of this.

Blv: How social evil can be discarded from society or get abated?

WZ: First of all the environment is to be built for mutual trust. The literature and arts fields should be fortified; no matter on commercial base it is to be done. And traders also should adopt an ideology; merely wealth is not life wholly-solely. In this world, the chief belief or ideology is humanism; the politics and power are next to in the life. The invented devices by science are to be used for human’s welfare and survival, because it is the basic essence or power of knowledge. In all fields of life, the positive values and traditions should be flourished. The relatives and unfamiliar is to be behaved by the settled code of conduct. The distribution of martyrdom certificates among gullible must be pondered, seriously. Death is certain, but a healthy and peaceful life is right of every one. The divided all classes of society should respect the role and status of literates. The formed circles by literates must encourage the new comers in field; otherwise, the untrained journalist, literate and artist will also cause to stray the society.

Blv: What is philosophy of life?

WZ: My friend! this is not a question but is a name of book. Philosophy of life is an interesting and a tough question and I exert to well explain this. Human and animal have distinctive characteristics. The special qualities only have human, and because of these it is superior on other livings, even these qualities confer the human species the designation of ‘Supreme Creature’. To making the life meaningful is chief purpose of human being. The great thinkers, philosophers, teachers and erudite peoples gave importance to human values, and the love has been declared the summit intent of human life by all sages. And that is why the human never dies; it is eternal, and this is love which makes human everlasting. The people, who spent the meaningful live, will get gathered and that day is called dooms day, and the others will be lifeless like stones.

Blv: Why human is obdurate about revenge?

WZ: This is an adage ‘Each action has reaction’. In love also have to pay revenge. The positive thought constructs optimistic ideas, and negative thought gives-off pessimistic obsessions. Hence, the revenge ignites there where the sparks are incited. Similarly, anywhere playing with fire is considered unsafe, then there peace and prosperity flourishes. Whenever, the human sensitivities are attacked, reciprocally it turned into defiant.

It is quality of life that you present fragrance and people will sniffer it, and it is outspoken that ordure is not liked by anyone.

Blv: As you said, this present system got unfertile about providing justice, so the Baloch Nation should carve-out a national state and where it get developed in all sphere of life?

WZ: The entire country is disturbed by this system, and such system ever led the nations to devastations. I have no idea that you consider which system suitable, and if we thing broadly for a system, so seeking a cultured one is indispensible for all citizens of the country including Balochistan. We should subtly know the definition of the ‘Nation’, because it is ambiguous yet and requires workout.


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