Revolt and Revolution

By Vash Baloch

Revolt and revolution; two words which decide the fate of nations for several centuries or even more. stock-photo-group-of-clenched-fist-raised-in-air-with-bright-sun-burst-grunge-background-victory-revolt-117501220Basically, revolt means to rebel against an authority, authority can be any authority, Czar, British or Pakistanis.

The point comes to revolution; most probably the meaning of revolution is taken in a wrong way. Literally, revolution means, the overthrow of a government by force in a favor of a new system or a single circular movement around a central point.

The liberators or rebels could be the Russians, Scouse, Indians or the Baloch. Moreover, agreeing with El Che won’t prove me wrong that, liberators don’t exist, people liberate themselves. Mainly, there are many reasons for liberating. The hunger and strive of years, violence of human rights, racism, fighting for invaded or occupied land.

Now comes rebel, rebellion and rebellious. The words tell their power themselves. Let’s have a glance at history; most of the great and born leaders are called as rebels, for instance Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Bhagat Singh, and Akbar Khan Bugti.

After this our mind asks why do people liberate?

Answer of this is actually a word known as “Conflict”. Yes conflict, conflicts make the nations liberate, liberate against those who deserve it.

You belong to a land, which is your land, from centuries , you have your own culture and traditions, your own nation, your mountains your valleys, your plateaus, your plains, your resources and then a newly formed country with no identity at all invades your land, your land becomes an occupied land, then gradually people oppose it and start liberating. What could be the reason for that, no rights, no progress in your state, no education, no basic facilities instead, killing your people, using them against you, abducting you, making a genocide, killing your leaders, finishing peace in a sweet and rich land, aren’t these reasons enough to liberate?

Killings a father’s seven sons in public, can you tolerate this? Throwing crushed dead bodies in uninhabited areas, kidnapping women, killing primary school children in name of making peace, and then saying the angry liberators should come off the cliffs and mounts and seek forgiveness, forcing their leaders either to live in state’s cells or seek asylum.

And then, the nation has two choices, either glory or grave, the situation becomes as if the nation chooses glory, they have to see grave and if they chose grave its again same. And then they ask why do they liberate? Just leave culture, nation and state see the race of humanity, is it suitable? Aren’t we all humans at humanity? Not just the natives, the foreign journalists, archaeologists and tourists are being killed too.

The state’s forces have killed most of the leaders and forced others to seek asylum, after that they say that if these are true leaders they wouldn’t have fled away to foreign, they are just getting the poor killed, so do you think a nation today can get freedom without international interference, there must be your conflict case in any justice court of the world. Secondly, the leaders in asylum, so do you think asylum a fun, to live in London, Dubai or Geneva? Asylum also has some rules, your life isn’t free there, you need to understand that, they are not living a luxurious life, just they have a named roof of protection.

To zip up my words, I totally agree with these liberators, freedom is everyone’s right. Fighting for one’s own land isn’t as bad as abducting people. The nation has a complete right of separating, not only right, according to the situation it’s not only right but their need as well, and they should live as they want, with their own culture and customs.

The wrong can never overcome the right. Never lose hope, people have fought centuries for freedom, still you have time. Long live liberators!


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