Only similarity in ideology leads to an alliance

By Mahmmad Iqbal

Now-a-days the alliance is vexed question in Balochistan and reverberation about this is being heard widely. It 191748741_political20ideology_xlargeis absolute that alliance can be formed among the common thinkers; the uneven powers never can make any coalition or develop consensuses among them. For instance, lion and deer, rat and cat never ever can make friendship. Similarly, the parliamentarian and revolutionaries’ ways are parted, hence they cannot form an alliance, if they do infringe way, so it will be unnatural and will not sustain for long.

In Balochistan, BNM, BRP, HYI (Hazara Youth International), HYM (Hazara Youth Movement), and BSO-A has resemblance in ideology. And these mentioned organizations have common stance and these leadership believe in observation of Human Rights, salvation from atrocities and control of masses on natural resources extracted from theirs land. On the other hand National Party [NP], Balochistan National Party [BNP], Hazara Democratic Party [HDP], Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awani Party [PKMAP] are the exploiting groups and connived with State’s establishment and do not want emancipation of human from coerces. These mentioned parties leadership is being conferred by establishment for giving clear way to exploit the masses, and they are accomplice with establishment for atrocities on oppressed people in the province. These discussed parties couldn’t deliver to masses for 67 years, even being in rule time to time, and ever assisted the exploiting class and in exchange they have been receiving privileges, incentives and share in profit which is attained the province’s resources. The parliamentarian parties have rifted the province’s people in the sorts of commune, race and localities to don’t let them unite; otherwise, they stand for inborn rights and struggle together.

 The British and American Politicians stated in favor of Balochistan’s oppressed people and accused state for human rights violation in this province. it was welcomed by Dr Allah Nazar, Hairbeyar Marri, Dr Samar Raza, BNM, BNV, HYI and BSO-A and further they appealed the United Nations and civilized world to intervene in Balochistan for the suspension of the series tyrannies in the province of Balochistan.

The organizations BNM, HYI, BNV, Revolutionaries Socialist International and BSO-A are struggling against pillage of resources and exploitation of here’s masses. These mentioned parties have similarity in ideology and demands are also common, consequently these organizations on international level can constitution an alliance to defend the province’s resources, observe the human rights and raise voice internationally for oppressed people of the Balochistan.


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  1. Dear there are questions after reading your column. Will problem be solved by foreign (civilized) nations? Are they not exploiters of the world resources?

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