Rant against modification in route from Kashgar to Gwadar

By Ahmed Khan

The rulers appeared in media making pact with China for opening the economic corridor in region. The gilgit_to_gwadar459-rail_linkGwadar is city, situated on the mouth of Arabian Sea and is on small proximity to the strait of Hurmoz. It is also very near and merely 50 miles distance to the Oman and Dubai. The Dubai is free trade zone for international traders and companies, where they settle bargaining of products or they bring the products to discussed free market for sell to the merchants. This trade process converted the Dubai into a vibrant market which is benefiting the local Arabs.

The Pakistani authorities are also looking for a market parallel to the Dubai in their custody. The Gwadar is the point that can be free market primarily for them, and in future may policies be changed for trading on this point. In the pursuance of the indicated sketches, the Pakistani rulers invited to the Chinese in region for investment. The Pakistani autocrat and Dictator Pervez Musharraf commenced interactions with China to sell the Baloch land, resources, especially the Gwadar which is a naturally deep Sea-Port and earn wealth in form of commission.

In the follow-up, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the instruction of establishment continued the enticing to the China in Balochistan, especially about the Gwadar port. This port’s control also was given to Chinese in era of Raisani government and in center Mr Zardari the head of PPP was ruling. The establishment is intended to put aside the real heir of land and populate the non-locals on the Baloch land. Further they are intended to sell-out the port and other resources to international powers and get wealth for individuals. In the same sequence, between Pakistan and China a pact was signed that the China will construct road and rail links from its bordering city Kashgar to the Gawadar which is entrance in this region. The agreements are being made without taking in confidence the real heirs Baloch. Already, they gave the Gold project Saindak to China which did not benefit to Baloch, even the nationalists blamed that Baloch wealth has been looted and single penny is not given the nation. The Saindak project is a model of Baloch wealth’s pillage and this also got the nation to awaken politically. And now Baloch nationalists are not consented about the existence of the China on their land. The Chinese policy to snub the local people but use the establishment and encroachingly exploit the resources of Baloch has totally nosedived and its leadership or think-tanks also realized this fact.

The Pakistani leaders declared the Kashgar to Gwadar rout as economic-transit and the Game changer in the region but the Baloch Nationalist, regional and international powers have undermined the plot before its implementation on ground. The peace totally vanished-away in the province of Balochistan, the state forces applied their total power in this region but failed to overcome because of objective circumstances, wide stretched area, mountainous and inhospitable land with climate.

After the profound analyzes of regional situations, the China has stepped-back toward the Balochistan and Gawadar. Now the senior analysts are inkling that Kashger to Gwadar road and rail links project is just a fraud; it’s used to deceive people of Pakistan amid the economic recession. This supposed corridor will pass through Gilgit-Baltistan which is a disputed territory, in context of United Nations resolution on Kashmir. Now, how can such an economic corridor pass through this territory? In case of future conflict with India this corridor will come under serious threats. Therefore, China will never take the risk of investing in such a risky project. China wants access to Arabian Sea and for this purpose it intends to use Chabahar port, instead of Gwadar. Iran is already earning $10 billion from transit trade annually. India has paid $300 million to Iran to develop roads from Chabahar to Afghanistan border. India and Iran are helping Afghanistan to develop this road. Iran also signed a deal with Tajikistan to use its territory as a part of trade corridor. The China will construct road and rail links from Tajikistan to Xinjiang. So, the China will trade with the world through the Chabahar route not through the disputed route of Pakistan. So it is stupidity whether this corridor is passed though Zhob or Khuzdar, but is solely mean to diversify the attentions.

The objective circumstances telling conspicuously that the China will never take risk to invest in perturbed area. The Pakistani rulers on all levels have failed to deliver; hence, now they are diversifying the attentions of masses from genuine problems, and they have emitted the rumor of changing the rout from Kashgar to Gwadar. Previously, it was publicized that via the city of Zhob, Quetta to link with Gwadar. This is merely amusing trick to the Punjabi traders, now the diversion in rout are proclaimed in media that it will link from Kashgar to Lahore, Nawabshah, Khuzdar, and then to Gwadar.

The common masses are reluctant to react or catharsis about this artificial issue. But the pocket parties of establishment like, ANP, JUI, and likewise are inciting the masses for protest. The mentioned parties have serious differences on all matters but about this issue they are looked on same page, because they are intended to make issue which is not an issue. Behind this propulsion seem their failure, and they are push by establishment to diversity the masses attentions’ from real demands and issues.


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