State’s writ challengers will be dealt by military courts; Home Secretary Balochistan

Bolan Voce Report

Following the Peshawer School incident, the National Action Plan was caved-out and approved by upper house Senate and lower house National Assembly. And this is being implemented swiftly in the province of Balochistan as like in other provinces. The elements, which challenge the writ of state will be prosecuted and sentenced through newly established the military courts, said Mr Akbar Hussain Durrani the Home Secretary Balochistan.

In province, for the security of schools, the initiative are being taken on urgent basis, 511 cases about terrorism are in pending at the courts of Balochistan, meanwhile 54 cases have been forwarded to center for processing them through Nation Action Plan. The secretary home provided this information to media-men during a session held under the presidency of him to categorize the schools of province in the security means.

It was informed to media that secretary Home will provide security and monitor himself to schools run by Army, whilst the police mobile keep watching at entrance of government schools, and the private schools have to manage private security guards by approval of special branch of police. Answering to a question the Home Secretary said that National Action Plan also will be implemented in the province of Balochistan as similar to the other provinces. If anyone takes weapons and challenges the writ of state, then that will be produced before the military courts and will be penalized in the light of assimilated law.

Few days later, the Secretary Home Akbar Hussain Durrani informed media, the province had forwarded 54 cases to be heard in military courts to the Interior Ministry. The Interior Ministry will forward the cases to military courts for hearing after the scrutiny process is complete.


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