THE HELPFULNESS of an educated mother

By Waseem Raja,Turbat

To burst out, it is praiseworthy to bear in the mind that, mother is the only existence whose place cannot be 19683-pakistanwomenAFP-1386937804-114-640x480taken by anyone else. On the other hand, if the mother is educated her first and foremost idea has to educate her children. In this world, many people today believed that, the success or failure of children in school or colleges depends on mothers. In this regard, which means the more time and energy a mother invents in the child the more likely it is to successes its studies. It is the best of the best to consider that, a good mother is expected to be responsible, caring and attentive parents, as well as a full escort, teacher and even team leader. However, they can create a healthy family feeling, build smooth a parent child relationship and set up an emotional friendship with their division. In fact, there are too many examples in the pages of history about educated mothers, such as Mother Teresa whose name is still being extracted in present as a role model.

There is an abundance of evidence to proof that, the educated mother brings up her children with better moral and ethical values as nicely as serves her country in sense that she produces first-class citizens with tolerant views and an open mind, but uneducated mothers are superstitious. No doubt, for the progress education for women is as essential as for men. Educated women indeed make great mother as they are more aware of the needs, guides and necessities of this challenging world.

In termination and negotiation, education is as obligatory as men; more school for girls, colleges and universities should be manufactured. In this way, mothers can pay more attention to all around development of their children rather than spending all their time and energy on trying to improve their outcomes. Finally, men have to refresh their minds with the greatest saying: “Behind every successful man is a woman”.


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