The immense problems of Washuk

By Abdul Hadi Baloch, Washwk

abdul hadiWashuk is city on the arid area of Balochis-tan. It is situated in south-west along with Iran border and was parted from distract Kharan in Masharraf rule of time by the provincial authorities when they were forming more district in Balochistan province. After the getting status of district this area fate is same as it was. The MNA and MPA got failed to make this area people lively and overreached to bring some changes in Washuk city. The leaders of Washuk who are presently ruling are constant winner since 2000. The mentioned so called leaders in their time of rule could not bring any kind of improvements or made development in theirs constituency. The discussed area people are deprived of the fundamental rights, for instance, health, education, clean drinking water and electricity. The city of Washuk is underdeveloped in terms of facilities and people are facing very hardships and difficulties due to disregarding by authorities to the area.

Among all, the education is an augmented problem and its provision to area’s children is equal to none or some areas of Rakhshan are inadequately facilitated. In some area, the education facility has been provided after long struggle of local people. The affluent people send their children to other cities for education which is very costly but pauper cannot afford this.

The area of Washuk totally lacks other basic amenities of life this modern age, like hospital, dispensary and so on. The people in case of ailment, approach to tehsil Shahogeri, which is enough far from Washuk and situated in area of Jhalawan. The area is sandy, the blow of desert’s winds create very serious troubles to travel one place to other, and lack of infrastructure adds in difficulties of people.

The absence of educational institutes pushed the area in ancient age. The far-flung areas people have no concept of education for their offspring in this modern age. The elected MPA and MNA are also not fulfilling their duties to provide education facilities to their areas people.

The scarcity of water is a great challenge and it causes waste of time and energies. The area people and 206191_186104424852267_459338622_nwomen travel very long distance to fetch water for household. The people fetch water from ponds and rare water supply schemes from long distance laden on domesticated animals. Most of the time, they could not get hygienic but use contaminated water which causes grim diseases in area people.

The government authorities including the elected MPA and MNA should take prompt notice of negligence
regarding Washuk, and they provide facility of education, health and clean drinking water to area people on urgent basis. Otherwise, the people will turn defiant to government and authorities. The province situations are already worse because of dishonesty and ignoring the common masses.


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