The invincible Polio in Pakistan

By Basheer Ijbani

ijbariPolio, due to appalling effects is considered perilous, globally. It drastically distressed entire World and a portion of people are traumatized on this glob due to witnessing its ugly ramifications which paralyzed millions of peoples for the lifetime. In the consideration of Polio disease devastating outcomes and seeing its citizens crippled the states launched eradication campaigns and succeeded into polio free countries. Presently, the Polio virus is existing in three countries; Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Except the mentioned countries, entire world got immunized from Polio. The scientists, especially medical science have credit for defeating this appalling disease and providing a healthy life to the globe dwellers.

The reasons behind the polio virus persistence in the above mentioned countries is to be pondered, so poliovarious aspects expose. Very first the unawareness, secondly people refuse to drop polio to their children, and thirdly the polio immunization campaigns are limited to urban areas whilst the rural areas cannot be accessed.

In Pakistan, the religious radicalization is also a reason behind the polio virus harboring. In North an area is administered by the federal called FATA, and this area is greatly disturbed due to religious fanatic. The mentioned areas’ a portion of people refuse to give polio drops to their broods. The polio virus is viral, in case of FATA locals’ migration to other parts of country or visiting to relatives who are settled in cities, cause shift of the virus and this further spreads in under the 5 years old children of urban habitants.

The political differences are also obstacle in way of polio campaigning. Here in Pakistan, several groups are engage in militancy against the state, and these groups do not let the volunteers for giving drops to the children in some areas. In this regard, several volunteers lost their lives by attacks on polio teams. This type of activities causing to miss the children for giving drops, and in this way the virus persists.

The corruption is also another reason for failing to defeat the polio virus and get the country polio free. The culture of corruption has penetrated very deep in this country’s roots. Each department and scheme gets failed here due to corruption and dishonesty in performing duties. The polio eradication campaigns also get impaired due to corruption in Pakistan. The authorities from high rank to low level embezzle in funds and given apparatus and likewise, and this causes deficiencies or scarcity in medicine, vaccine and drops. Or they do not go to their assigned areas for giving drops to children but in papers they mark their attendances and receive wage. This type of disgusting activities also causes failure to defeat polio in Pakistan.

The international organizations, like World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nation have sufficiently assisted and funded the local organizations and Health Department of Pakistan, but here’s staff or authorities could not spend appropriately the given amount by International World or they could not use the given medicines in fair manner.

The polio virus became a great challenge for state of Pakistan, because the several countries notified that if the state got failed to immunize the country from polio and would not become polio free country, consequently they will not issue the visa the Pakistanis to travel their countries. Because granting visa to Pakistanis will cause the relocation of polio virus to their countries and they cannot take such risk about their citizens’ health. And if in future, the visa sanction is imposed on Pakistan, then this will be a serious confusion for this country citizens.

In 2014, the level of polio cases was very high, and in previous year reported polio cases list is as:

table - 1

table - 2

In the discussed circumstances, the polio virus seems invincible to defeat in Pakistan because the state machinery got failed to overcome on corruption, religious radicalization and irregularities in its departments for many years.  In present set up, by thorough analysis, it can be foretold that this country may face serious consequence domestically and externally because of Polio disease.

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