The leader

By Sammi Murad

A greed man once quoted “A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. A true leader is one 3f523a1who personifies this quotation in its true sense. A true leader not only reflects the quality of being a leader but also personifies tremendous character, grit and sense of oneness. In our society all the time individuals need motivation, guidance and purpose to accomplish various tasks successfully. People need someone who can stand up and show them how to do things in a right manner to yield maximum output. Leadership is always said to be associated with power to dominate others (in a group).

The ultimate goal of leadership is to bring out the best from the team members. A good leader must be competent enough so that he/she may influence the minds of other. A leader must focus over delivering positive outputs in the organization.

A leader must motivate his/her team members, to support the team members to deliver good ideas and improvements. (A leader should have the following characteristics)

  1. A) The leader should be able to direct and take overall responsibilities for the action and direction of the team.
  2. B) The leader must be capable to set objectives and should be properly organize and motivate the team members.
  3. C) The leader should have a good vision toward a consequence and should be honest and the leader should always treat the members the way that he/she wants to be treated.

“A leader leads by example, not by force”.


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