21st March; martyrdom anniversary of Hameed Shaheen Baloch

By Shehzad Baloch

Political thinkers and edified with progressive mindset people in Balochistan must remember a personality comradewho sacrificed his life for freedom of humanity. The day of 21st March is martyrdom anniversary of Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch a pro-independent person. Comrade Hameed was on the way to Karachi on 20th March, 2011, when counter revolutionary elements arrested him from a passenger coach, in the vicinity of Quetta city, and on next day 21st of March his dead body was found by his family. This way, a revolutionary political thinker and affable person was disjoined the oppressed people of Balochistan.

Rare one in society born who can conceive requirements of human and they ponder over the resolve or gain of those substances and such people call political thinker. Otherwise, majority of people in a society only remain engage in routine works or persuade a better career for the individuals or seek wealth to bring amenities in personal life and so on.

A great mind ever thinks about ideas which lead toward a system and civilization to mankind. Martyred Hameed Shaheen Baloch had had politically thinking power. He studied his surroundings and international political settings, and then adopted an ideology. Further, for implementation of bright thoughts he worked politically. When he felt time conducive for underground, works as concept spreading, the great ideology of human liberation with provision of justice to its contemporary people and upcoming generations, he went underground. Because the imperialist of age and its allies never digest to educate people and get freed from its hegemony.

Hameed was known as pedagogue (ustad) among his comrades because of being political teacher. It is understood that human mind needs be luminous, further it is human tilt toward truth. At the best comrade Hameed was performing but nefarious people were sick-of with virtue of Comrade because he believed in truth and it needs systemization, reasoning and dialectic. Comrade always taught the companions to abide by the discussed splined course to seek justice and parity for all humans.

The misanthrope and mischievous exist everywhere, and such people hampers the way of righteous and sometimes temporally they over on truthful but triumph of truth is certain and long-lasting. Comrade Hameed Shaheen with brilliant mindset taught people and brought up them as ideologically who travelled with you a long journey.

Comrade Hameed and other political workers were well aware of significant of rules and ideology in movement. So they were striving to glitter mentioned qualities, otherwise, a movement voids revolution, humanism but turn into merely a purposeless war which lasts for a period and then fades-away, naturally. Similarly, the Baloch movement is to come up with revolutionary codes, otherwise its fate will be indifferences, quarrels on trivialities, rifts into factions; eventually defeat with disgrace will be theirs destine.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen and otherwise progressive thinkers who embraced martyrdom was putting movement on path of systemization. They were struggling for a state with system, and their demand never was rehabilitation or reinstate of old Kalat-State or any other tribal set up which are out-dated or void to provide justice with modern age wants to Baloch. They were also desirous for supremacy of institutes that were supposed to be vested power of decision making. They were fully opposing the personalities or individuals influence on the Baloch movement. They had program about accountability including check and balance in all ranks of movement.

The revolution or struggle for fair system is basic essence in any movement. Today, the erosion is being observed in movement, everywhere split is taking place which are not positive signs, and this is also disloyalty with blood of martyrs including Comrade Hameed. The Baloch political workers mull over erosion in movement, perhaps it is impairing the basic essence of movement, as result they are getting divided in fraction and cannot ascertain the reasons behind falling comrades in hands of counter revolutionaries.

Comrade Hameed went to bring down of justice and a system of parity for Baloch including entire world humans. He wanted to see all human free and went for struggling human-liberty where he embraced martyrdom and got permanent place in memories of humanist and justice loving people. His comrades are anticipated by Baloch and oppressed to materialize revolutionary thoughts and bring red-dawn of justice.


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