8th March; international ‘Women Day’

By Mutalib Mengal

The radio Quetta center broadcasts a program “Hawa Mahil’’ means place in air, is the most appropriate international-womens-day--001medium to broach the sparse beauty into cosmos the ‘women’ and nexus of this 8th March is assigned for “Women Day’’, internationally. The discussed radio program is broadcasted by Radio Pakistan, adorned with melodious and jingling music tune. The present age people are suffering from terrorism, ignorance and dishonesty. An inadequate number of orient-women are employed compared with man, and mostly they are engaged in households.

The women contribution is inadequate in country’s development sector, specifically in the province of Balochistan. The women get education with intention to get marriage preferably or a better job. In country, the meagerness of jobs has got queued a great portion of population in aspired for a bright future.

The Pakistan from its formation day is under experiments, and the semi-capitalism, feudalism and tribalism are prevailing in this country presently. One side those people are who after accomplishment of education goes abroad, and on another side, some people depend on state’s institutes while continuing their educational career. Simultaneously, in state of Pakistan the largest population is impoverished and that cannot get quality education or they due to indigence farewell institutes amid the educational carrier and they start laboring for survival.

In east, Islam granted rights and high value to women and here a great number of people do not shun sacrificing the lives to uphold the dignity of this gender. The prolonged and bloodiest war between Chakar and Lashar was fought because of a woman. When the woman is in shape of mother, hence she is the most respectable in society. And a mother prefers her child love on all amenities and joys of life. It is also natural fact that a mother cares the country and family-folk. If a soldier defends country borders, so he is motivated by his mother for this knighthood; otherwise, man may not be capable go to war arena. The only mother tells the difference in mosque and temple to the children.

In Balochistan, it is utmost necessary that a class has to sacrifice for educating its offspring. They should send or not to their daughters on jobs, but they must educate them till high grades, because culturally we keep confined the female in houses. In fact, women have to participate in politics and other fields of life, and this is the true color of the culture.

The Europe and Asia mutually design a program for women development including their empowerment and the Asians has to prove them cultured. Presently, in Europe, men and women work together but they also commemorate women day on 8th March each year.

Here we should embolden the rural areas women and take them equally in development journey, and only this is the basic essence of international Women-Day.


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