Arab Hunters: Tycoons are above the laws of humanism, state and ethics

By Farooq Baloch

The wealth cleft line between humans; wealthy and indigents. The destitute are enslaved in   21st century, 1470363_682180195149438_1300795974_nor they are merely livings to facilitate in the lives of magnates. The tycoons are above the all modern states laws, exempted by religion, and they also above the ethical constraints.

The Arab kings, princes and other affluent for playing and hunting the rare birds including the sexual pleasure come to the Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. They are facilitated by security, provided philandering environment and all other luxuries by the state authorities and local agents in shape of Sardar, MPAs and MNAs.

The state’s controllers do not apply laws on these discussed Arab magnates, because they are conferred with costly gifts and heavy amount, and reciprocally these foreigners are exempted by the laws, even they have been allotted hunting fields.

Balochistan is very famous in Gulf Countries for hunting the Houbara Bustard. For more than three decades, the royal families including their companions from the Arab states, as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates leave their deserts and set up their camps in several areas of the country Pakistan, especially in the season of hunting the Houbara Bustard, the rare migratory bird come from Siberia, Mongolia and Central Asian Republics at the start of the winter season and these birds go back to areas at end of winter. The Royals of the above mentioned states have been hunting the rare birds in the countries’ various districts, which were allocated for them, and many districts of Balochistan province is among them. The Arab Sheiks have been hunting the rare birds in various districts of the province since 8 decade.

Even the Balochistan High Court (BHC), ordered the cancellation of the areas which were allotted to the Arab Royal families and other foreigners hunting of the houbara bustard, and said it is illegal for Arab Sheiks and others for the hunting of this rare bird and other wild life in the province. The Higher Court of the province further stated that, it violates the International Life Conservation Convention (ILCC). The Court issued notices to the Federal Interior Ministry, the Chief Secretary of Balochistan and Wild Life department and directed them to inform it regarding the action for the protection of these rare birds in the province.

The Arab Sheikhs hunted the houbara bustard and violated the ban of the higher judiciary, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and Balochistan High Court order.

During the last year, the Saudi Prince hunted over 2,100 hubara bustard within three weeks. Permits allow the holders to hunt 100, houbara bustard in 10 days in the areas allocated to them, excluding the reserved and protected areas.

Despite it, the Provincial and Federal governments including the influential people of the areas warm welcomed to the Arab Royals in Balochistan for hunting the rare birds, they were facilitated with tight security and protocol, during their stay in Balochistan.

During the last year, on November 23, the government of Balochistan issued 28 allotments to the Arab Sheik’s and ministers in the province. The Balochistan High Court has cancelled all allotments made by the provincial government, further the Balochistan government approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan for challenging the Balochistan High Court order, and the case is not fixed for hearing till now.

According to media reports, 29, special permits were issued to the king families of the Arab states in 2014, for hunting the Houbara Bustard granted by Foreign office. Further reports say, that special permits have been issued to the Arab Sheiks of the above mentioned states and various districts of Balochistan were allocated to them.

The Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al –Saud has been allotted the districts of Balochistan province are follows; Dera Bugti,  Dera Murad Jamali, Naseerabad, Jafferabad and Duki of district Loralai.

The United Arab Emirates President and Abu Dhabi ruler Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayad-Al-Nahyan has been allotted these districts of Balochistan; Zhob, Ormara, Pasni, Gawader, Kharan, Panjgoor and Washuk district.

The Deputy Supreme Commander of United Arab Emirates Armed Forces and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Gen Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given district Sibbi, Tehsil Lehri Domki area only.

Rulers representative in the western region Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been given the district Sibbi of Lehri Tehsil minus Domki area, old Katchi, Sani and Shoran area in Bolan district of Balochistan.

Qila Saifullah district including Kar Khurassan less sub-division Muslim Bagh of Balochistan has been given the member of Ruling family Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa BinZayed-Al Nahyan.

The Khuzdar and Lasbela districts and the area in the North West of the province located in Chaghi district have been allocated to the Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

The king of Bahrain’s uncle Sheikh Ebrahim Bin Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa was allotted the district of Musting in Balochistan.

The Bahrain’s commander in chief of defence forces, Marshal Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al –Khalifa has been given the Toisar Tehsil Musakhel district in Balochistan.

The Qatar Emir’s brother, Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al –Thani has been given Musakhel and Drug Tehsil of Musa khel district Balochistan.

The Qatar Emir’s uncle, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani has been given Loralai district less Duki area in Balochistan.

Qatatr former Prime Minister’s brother Sheik Falah Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al-Thani has been given Jhal Magsi district in Balochistan.

A member of the Supreme Council of the Royal families of Qatar has been given Turbat district in Balochistan and other member of Qatar Sheik Thani Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Thani has been given Surab Tehsil and Kalat district in Balochistan. Sheik Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al-Thani has been allotted Kingri tehsil of Musakhel and Barkhan district in Balochistan.

Further the reports say, that the influential people of the areas are getting direct benefits from the Royal families of the Arab states, they are getting funds in the name of Madrassas in the region and their visits to the mentioned Arab States are free, they receive gifts such as vehicles, valuables, cash and even during the election the influential people of the areas will be supported by the Arab Royls.

Protests were reported against the hunting of the houbara bustard and killing wild animals by the youth activist from the Chaghi district in front of Quetta Press Club, they chanted slogans against the government and demanded the government; these protected birds must not be hunted by the foreigners and others. In social media, a face book page is made by the community of the country and calling on Viagra to save the endangered houbara bustard bird. A None Governmental Organization (NGO), namely Houbara Protection Organization in district Washuk as well recorded their protest against the hunting of said birds and preserve to asset of Rakhshan valley.

The Arab hunters with sophisticated guns and other equipment’s hunt hundreds of birds daily wise, in this way, they are causing extinct of rare birds and wild animals which are essential ingredients of ecology that is utmost for human survival. The state authorities have no concern about their citizens’ life, but they only consider their individual interests, and that is the why they permitted the Arab hunters even the reluctance of the discussed areas people. The allocated hunting sites and in surroundings dwelled masses are righteous to disallow for killing their birds and wild animals. Otherwise, the ecology misbalances, which also effect total environment of area and life gets disturbed. In the consideration of ecology, the Arab hunters must not be allowed.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the world turned into uni-polar and the capitalism posed its ugly face to the inhabitants of this planet. The above mentioned Arab hunters belong to oil-rich countries. The said states are main part of current prevailing oil politics in the world, which is being practiced under the umbrella of the United States of America. The capitalism voids humanism and gave birth to neo-liberalism and through this the fewer people have occupied entire wealth of world, and remaining humans are merely commodity, market or the facilitator to magnates. By now, the neo-liberalism clearly can be observed in Pakistan, specifically in Balochistan. In this region, the rich people of oil producing countries come for recreation, hunting and sexual pleasure. They are spoiling ecology of Balochsitan by killing the rare birds and wild animals. They are trampling the human values and ethics by their sex-maniac and vulgarity. The regional agents merely for wealth facilitate these Arabs and contaminating society ethics.  The wealth has supremacy, and in front of humanity it is abhorrent or is devalued. In the cleft world by neo-liberalism, the Balochistan an occupied by imperialist and is being dealt by comprador and its local agents in cover of tribalism and religious elements. Where Arab affluent are like God-father and common people are like livings to facilitate them in all aspects of life.

It has been observed, when any obscene activity takes place in the Balochistan or in Pakistan, so the religious elements take-up the sky for anti-religious activities. But about the case of Arab hunters they have kept mum. Arab hunters openly commit vulgar activities besides the hunting. The religious activists have closed their eyes and zipped their lips because their funds may not be stopped. The capital also deals significantly in this regard.


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