Attack on Christians

Once again the Christians were attacked by the barbarians in Pakistan. Two suicide attackers blown them 0,,18317074_303,00up, while the Christians were busy in Sunday prayer, as result a number of people related to Christian minority lost their lives.

According to sources, more than 18 people died, 75 were injured, and 30 of them were reported in critical condition. This incident took place in Youhan Abad Punjab. It is unfortunate that Pakistan has been a hell for the minorities and a safe haven for the terrorist. Due to the worsening law and order situation and bad governance, one can easily judge that how difficult it is for the minorities, especially Shia and Christians to live in Pakistan. Many times they were attacked. A militant organization associated with TTP, claimed for responsibility of twin blasts in two churches catholic and Christ. The CM of Punjab said, the people who lost their lives in the incident their family would be compensated with 5 lakh, and the injured ones 75 thousands will be paid.

They families of the victims need more aid. The worship places of minorities should be protected. The compensation cannot bring what they have lost. The government must take pragmatic action against those who are involved in such inhuman acts. The authorities should assure the safety of minorities, and their worships places, so that again such dismaying incidents must not take place.

Siraj Umrani, Turbat


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