Awaran: An under developed district of Balochistan

By Najeeb Malik, Awaran

Awaran was given status of district on November 11, 1992, and before it was a Tehsil of Khuzdar. It Awarancomprises on three Tehsils and eight Union Councils (UCs).

Awaran has been ignored in every regime of the governments. Here every sector of life is victim of destruction. In this modern era, people are deprived of their fundamental rights which are necessary for spending a healthy life in the state, such as electricity, sanitation, education and agriculture which are provided in every village, town and city of the country. But unfortunately the area of Awaran has been deprived of basic needs.

The suspension of electricity is affecting Agriculture sector in Awaran, which is the only source of earning live-hood for the poor farmers. The landlords of Awaran are also facing grievances due to the shortage of electricity and instead of earning profit; they are caused deficit by the crops, less quantity and low quality.

In 2005, by the Local Governments, Awaran’s people were provided two generators for energy generation in the unbans. These generators were providing electricity for eleven hours, but now these have got deficient to supply for mentioned hours.

Similarly, another important department is the education and this needs the attention of the higher authorities of the concerned department, because a large number of Primary Schools are closed due to lack of teachers in the stated area. In this regard, some teachers are receiving salaries without performing the duties. On the other hand, the officials of education department do not inspect the area schools. If this sector is kept ignored, in the same way, the poor people of this mineral rich province cannot be able to give a bright future to their upcoming generations.

The people of the area are suffering from health problem, because this department is not playing the due role. Doctor are not performing theirs duties at the government hospitals, rather they are giving priority to private hospitals and have opened there private clinics, as the result earning a substantial amount.

The provincial government and the higher authorities of all the departments should pay attention and facilitate the district Awaran in this age of technology and take action against those who do not perform their duties.


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