Baloch Salvation Front marks 27th March with strike in Balochistan

Bolan Voice Report

All the business activities were remained suspended in all over the Balochistan on 27th March, 2015. The 789367-shutterdownstrike-1415716815-294-640x480shutter down strike was called by the Baloch Salvation Front (BSF). Informed the BSF media cell through its statement to news organizations.

The Baloch Salvation Front (BSF) through its organs acquired information that in all the small and large cities in Baloch belt including villages of Balochistan complete shutter down and black day was observed, shops, private trade centers and educational institutions remain closed on the appeal of the Front. The BSF media cell claimed.

The Baloch predominated areas in Quetta including Kalalt, Zehri, Surab, Mach, Dalbandain, Pasni, Hub, Nushkey, Mungchar, Khuzdar, Wadh, Naal, Beisema, Khran, Panjgoor, Zamran, Buleda, Tump, Tusp, Mand, Nasir Abad, Jevni, Paish Khan, Sirbandan and in the Kech area complete shutter down was observed. Said in BSF statement.

After the conduction of the successful strike all over the Balochistan, the Baloch Salvation Front (BSF) thanked the trade organizations, Baloch nation, journalists, print media and other groups which captured.

The successful strike proved that Baloch nation despise the slavery and they are aware of their national identity. The people of Balochistan know that state authorities are responsible for the backwardness in region and nation is kept oppressed. If the Baloch gains the political power, then soon they would be recognized by the progressed societies in developed countries. The models exist that several nations in the world got advanced in life because of retaining the independent status.

History is to be retrospect, then it exposes that socio-economic, social status of Baloch nation was better than today’s. Currently, the Baloch nation is got engaged in merely sustenance. If this nation’s plight is to be looked, so in reflection minds recall the Stone Age situations.’’ Narrated in BSF’s statement.

The rulers claiming for developments in state’s media but practically they are rejected by public and the successive strike through-out province is solid proof of this that masses are dissatisfied with parliamentarian politicians and prevailing system. Claimed by BSF.


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