Balochi embroidery

By Sanalir Sayed, Turbat

A culture eagle eyes and reflect the present and the past of a nation and determination for future…

Dressing plays an essential part in any culture. It helps the world to recognize nation’s identity. In Balochi 7705897716_2c1e984ab7culture, no one deny the prerequisite of Balochi embroidery which is liked by all and sundry. It is not only popular in Baluchistan, all there all across the world. There is enormous demand of Balochi embroidered clothes in the Australia, England, and Dubai and so on.

The Balochi embroidery is worked with tremendous color, eye-catching designs and lots of effort smooth embroidered on clothes with colorful threads, needles, rainbow mirrors and etcetera.

The Baloch women hard work for achieving appreciated point of view by all in world. The women who sew clothes are called ‘Doch-Ger. They are like artist who robbed the nature’s beauty and adorned it into their embroidery.

The old women wear dresses of dark color and while the young girls wear light colors with embellished by embroidery. Embroidery is done all parts of the shirts like sleeves, and the front and on other parts of dress. There are many kinds of embroidery across Balochistan some of the names are:

“Murg –e-panch”

“whats up”





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