By Asif hameed Sohr Baloch

zeeshanThe province of Balochisan has many fascinating places, especially in archeological point of view this province is quite beautiful and it owns some distinctive varieties. Some of cities in Balochistan are small but fairly have significance because of the location and historical heritage.

Fort is a stronghold, and compounded by strengthened walls. It is used for the protection of elites and is used for forces stationing. A number of forts exist in Balochistan and due to ignorance of government and non-governmental organizations; such historical places are not preserved. These forts are to be conserved, because these sites have great significance which portrays the image of past.

The Present is the living sum-total of the whole Past. ~Thomas Carlyle ,Characteristics

All in all, the historical sites in any area are the heritage of that society. Unfortunately such sites are mashed down in Balochistan. The “Chakar fort’’ is one of the oldest forts in Balochistan that indicates the 15th century era and this is a historical heritage of Baloch nation. It needs the consideration by the rulers and concerned department.

The cultural standards of the Kalat Mirri fort have also significance, be on the right place, in 16th century it Untitled-1was constructed with aim to practice law and administrative affairs at this venue, contains a vital space in history. It is the castle in fine order even today. The fort condition is better due to constant caring by the princes of defunct Kalat State.

Many forts were built in Kharan by the ruler Azad Khan Nosherwani. Unfortunately the built castles details are found only in books but these do not exist on ground. The weather’s intensities razed discussed forts from the face of earth or merely signs can be sighted.

Moreover, several historical wonders exist in Balochistan, unfortunately due to lack of concentration and proper preservation; the castles are now turned in to ruins. However, the self-interest of concerned authorities is causing such historical sites dwindle with the passage of time. The concern authorities should take notice of rapid erosion of such historical sites.

The Kharan fort was in good condition, a distinct style and mixed material was used in its composition. Every particular fort in Balochistan is bad condition. The cultural heritages are found in poor state of conservation and extremely damaged condition.

Least but not the last, the cultural heritages could be protected and saved for the upcoming generations. By such historical sites cause boost of the tourism sector, and by this the people come to know about the prominent places and the cultural values belonging to past.


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