By MB Baloch

There is no shortcut way to cure any ills of society. Every social evil have its firm roots and are deeply 10998667_352931251570457_2803110926915846266_nentrenched with the very fabric of society. A permanent solution of any issue needs benevolent action. Any procrastination will add misconception regarding the prevailing issue. Balochistan widely has known the mismanaged province of the Pakistan.

A little glance over the historical background of Balochistan shows that the unfortunate people of this land never had given chance to lay a prosperous life. Since the Balochistan has got the status of province being ruled as a neglected portion of land. All political parties had tested their fates. Sadly to say did not endeavor to change the life style of masses. When Dr Malik descended into power as the Chief Minister of province, with the coming of power an unprecedented debate started among the public discourse that the change is about to having come in Baluchistan. People are started predicting that Dr Malik will provide opportunity to people to stand on their own foot. But all claims turned as an empty dream.

The rampant corruption, political conflict, bad governance, mismanagement and law and order situation is worse in its kind. The interesting fact is in recent days Dr Malik started his educational policy of banning cheating in institutions. It is really ridiculous to note that the education system is casting a dismal picture. The teaching method in whole province is utterly ugly. Insufficient funding and lack of proper interest are became the part and parcel of our education structure. The outdated curriculum is not any more informative for new generation.

Before going to stop the cheating in exam, there must be some rational thinking regarding the solution of issue. The first and foremost priority of government must be to provide free cast of education to youths. This irrational policy is rather to minimize the issue further camouflaging the problem. Instead of curtailing this hydra headed monster, the new action plan of government is creating hurdle for students. In fear of failure mostly students are reluctant to sit in exam. Broadly speaking this undefined method directly affecting the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) of youths in Balochistan. The lack of rudimentary apparatus in school is the major cause that is manipulating the education system to improve properly. The glaring example is District Awaran that after the 2014 earthquake whole District had immensely destroyed. Despite passing of two years yet a proper construction process started to provide to the people. There is no safe building for students to continue their study process. Little kids are helpless to sit in open sky to attend the classes.

There is no concept of teacher training system in Balochistan. Mostly teachers have been selected on Balochistan package basis. They do not know how to administer the system; because they are simply B.A pass have no knowledge to teach the students. Owing to the special favor teachers only visit the school for collecting salary and after immediately become disappear from the scene. This duplicitous way of thinking is rapidly deteriorating the structure of education system in Balochistan.

Another interesting point is these due to low salary teachers are disappointed to pay the duty.

Surprisingly the new religious surge in the province is a horrific threat to the parents to allow their children to continue the study. Numbers of private education institutes were set ablaze in Mekuran division. If a holistic approach could not bring by the government, this constant threat will spoil the environment and erase the concept of learning from Balochistan. For reforms in education sector the following measures are to be taken promptly:

  • The first and foremost priority of Balochistan government should be to establish teacher training center.
  • The share of funds of education sector must be increased on priority basis.
  • The student politics to be stamp out from all educational institutions.
  • The outmoded curriculum should be renewed without any further delay.

It is a high time for the Dr Malik to use the education portfolio separately. An urgent step towards the issue is the need of time.


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