Crime and society

By Zeeshan Hameed Baloch, law student

The most difficult part of writing is to know that how to start, whilst the most difficult part of speaking is, ISSUES-CRIME-CUFFS-370x240where to stop.

Nothing is more irritating than a blank sheet of paper, starting at one’s face when that is bursting to write, but cannot make up the mind, how to set about it.

Before discussing crime, we must have to know the historical background of the ‘crime’, and when how this practice took place in our society? How it dipped its roots into the society of the people. However, the crime is not generated as easy as we are thinking. The crime is as old as our society is.

The relation between Crime and Society is very close and these are correlated too. If we see the history, it says that no society existed without crime. It is an integral part of any human folk; it is as old as our history is. Anyhow, the crime takes birth from abdomen of social evils, where rules of conduct were broken by the same society’s individuals. The violation termed as crime in society, and requires curbing irks and despicable practices, the penalty were advent in order to protect the peace and amity among the people.

May the definition of crime is modulated in time to time, but it ever remained integral part of the society. The human ever strived to mitigate the level of crime, but it happens and totally does not vanish, somewhat can bring on level of least. Simultaneously, society obtains the outlaws and seeks reason of these presences, too.

Police is the institute formulated to curtail the offenses and irregularities is to be discussed. When the policemen stop a person in front of public, on road, and they misuse vested powers, especially if someone is accompanying by his family, the interrogation by police convey which type of impression to his family members. Such attitudes stigmatize human and causes rebellious sentiments rouse, onward these agonies lead to a person towards the crime. If society is intended to halt the crimes emergence, then members have to take some mandatory actions. Here the discussed departments are established to curb the crimes are involved itself in wrongdoings.

How can we sideline the bureaucracy which has great deal in creating lawless trends in society? They have flourished such traditions that common person has no access to authorities for the resolve of their usual problems. They need a hagfish approach to access the concerned departmental officials, such malicious practices depresses psychologically to a common person.

In this way, the divided society in classes; lower and high is plunging in intolerant and offensive temperament, collectively. Behind these unhealthy approaches our politician, judiciary system and other unbalanced attitudes are motives that carve-out the criminals in the society.

The history of crime in early ages is to be sought, so firstly the human started living in clusters, and then they converted in to tribes. The collective living style gives birth to formulation of the rules to regulate the conduct and interact smoothly among the members of the group or tribe. Onward, the groups and tribes of the time evolved into the nations or big societies. Hence, rules which were implemented previously by the heads of tribes, developed into states or governments. Later on, the discussed series was set up by the members, like the public courts and jails and so on to deal with culprits and sentence them with intention to life and liberty of citizens is to be protected by the state.

How can we rule out accountability and penalization, especially those who disturb the lives in society? It is also learnt by human that, the punitive system cannot resist the happening of crimes; even it causes more intensity to the rebellious sentiments in culprits.

Here in Pakistan, the prisons condition is analyzed, so where availability of each and everything to criminals in jails shakes the mind of a gentle. Many theories have been presented about penalty, like deterrent theory that tells punishment is not for revenge but to diminish the crimes ratio and reforms. (Eliazbeth).

To some extent exoneration from crime in a state, it is mandatory to remove the reasons which cause for offences. The reforms in the political system are essential; the negative aspect must be discarded, like giving shelter to criminal for gain of interests and using the outlaws to crush the opposition. In our present society, the police must be depoliticize and sternly this department be checked and made accountable, and only this will result positively.


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