Educational emergency in Balochistan

By Abdul Salam

The educational emergency in Balochistan by provincial government is palatable to the out of parliament; it Untitled-1may scrupulously be toothsome to the spooks, near and dear ones and to the leftovers of Balochistan Parliament.

By recent, the claims of educational emergency in Balochistan have proven to be null and void. The call of educational emergency is a vogue political tactic by some political gimmicks of ruling party to fulfill the chasm of their incompetency; it is nothing more than an internment of their half tenure’s pillage and embezzlement of Baloch resources in the name of intermittent developments.

National party is clandestinely bidding to clutch its helm through educational emergency; by rights, their movement gets functional and successful.

Genuinely, it would never get operative and successful in Balochistan. National Party is just intent to hold the rein of poor Baloch masses.

All of a doodah, Baloch nation is being kept very far from primary education by inducing some                   so-called religious Militants like AL-FURQAAN, AL- KURASAAN and many more, and is being deprived of very basic amenities and sustenance.

Erstwhile the State had the occasion to inactive these religious mucks to desist the love for Baloch Nationalism and they were kept engaged to elicit some scornful and extraneous gens by muckraking against Baloch Freedom Movement. Once again Holy religion was used as a tool by maverick religious fanatics to foil Baloch sisters to acquire scientific education. Thwarting women from acquiring education is very repugnant in the teachings of Islam but it is considered an applicable crux of Pakistani constitution in Balochistan by state-structured fan-Islamists.

Before National Party assumes the responsibility of Educational Emergency in Balochistan; first, it should have to get Balochistan empty of these religious fanatics who are prevailing like N1H1 virus, who cannot feel the pangs of Baloch nation’s thirst in education, on whom heads ghosts of jingoism are riding.


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