Government should take measures for conservation of dead bodies found in Balochistan: VBMP

By Farooq Baloch

“The Supreme Court of Pakistan approved an application was submitted by the Voice for Baloch Missing VBMP Press conference PicturePersons (VBMP) for the swift hearings on missing persons’ case, further honorable court has formed a larger bench for proceeding. The VBMP expresses solidarity with the victim family members whose loved ones were forcibly disappeared from different countries, and the organization condemns such inhuman acts.’’ The VBMP chairman Nasrullah Baloch reproached such acts through a press conference at Quetta press club.

“The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) is non-political organization and peacefully endeavoring for the safe recovery of missing persons and working against the extra judicial killings. We condemn the forcibly disappearances and the extrajudicial killings of the victims in detention cells, taking place all over the world including Pakistan, we express solidarity with victim families, such actions are violation of human rights.’’ Mr Baloch said as denouncing.

“All the missing persons should be released, if they are facing any charges, so they must be produced before the court of law and are to be given right to defend themself legally.’’ Demanded the chairman VBMP.

“We have submitted an application in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for urgent hearing of the cases about missing persons, because it is a humanitarian issue, it should be given priority on other cases, and it must not be kept in dark. The court approved the application and formed a larger bench for the hearing on case on regular bases. The court should also play its due role for the recovery of missing persons.’’ Said Nasrullah Baloch.

“About the recovery of bullet riddled, decomposed bodies dumped in Balochistan we have submitted an application in the Supreme Court. Among the decomposed most of bodies are of Baloch political workers who were forcibly abducted on different times, due to sever torture their dead’s could not be identified. The government has not arranged any morgue for keeping these decomposed bodies. The DNA test and finger prints of these bodies are not taken by the authorities of the concerned departments.’’ Informed Nasrullah Baloch.

“In application, we have adopted stance that these recovered bodies are the father, brother, husband and have other relation with someone. There should be arrangements for conservation the decomposed bodies in cold house until these are identified, and the people of far flung areas of Balochistan whose endeared ones have gone missing, must be informed about the recovered bodies, so they can receive the body and bury them with human dignity.’’ Chairman said.

Further the VBMP official said, “It is fundamental right of every individual that to know about their loved one fate that is no more in this world.’’

“We have requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan through application about recovery of decomposed bodies that this prestigious institute issue directives the provincial governments to make arrangement for conservation of dead’s till the identification by relatives. The area Station House Officer (SHO) to file the First Information Report (FIR), and shift the body to hospital for the DNA test and finger prints of the dead bodies found in their jurisdiction. Further the details of deceased-one should be advertised in newspapers for informing the relatives to receive the remains of their beloved one who is demised. This process strictly is to be checked by authorities and if any official does not act upon this order, then action should be taken against that. We hope the court will order to the provincial governments for the facilitation of the decomposed bodies in the light of prescriptions.” The chairman speculated.

“The United Nation, international human rights organizations and world community should play their due role and take action against those countries including Pakistan where the enforced disappearances and extra judicial killing are taking place.’’ Nasrullah Baloch said summing-up the conference.


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