Governor Balochistan expresses helplessness about repatriation of Afghan refugees!

By Comrade Faqeer

The Governor Baloc-histan Mohd Khan Achakzai at Marine Sciences University, Uthal, during the annual 55109eeade0a6convocation spoke, “neither Afghan Refugees came by their consent nor can they be repatriated to back Afghanistan by their willing.  The Afghan Refugees have promoted business in the province of Balochis-tan.’’

In Pakistan’s constitution, the president is the supreme authority in country and further in all four provinces that has sub-ordinate governors who are summit in rank throughout the provinces. In Balochistan, Mohd Khan Achakzai is given governorship after election in May, 2013. Hence, he is the head in the province of Balochistan by constitution of the state.

The governor’s statement some boggle minds that Afghan refugees did not come by their consent. It means at that time, in 1980, was not any governor in the Balochistan province that could halt the influx of refugees. Or at that time, governor was not mandated to prevent the out-siders come in his province? If these were not, then it means the borders were not protected or guarded by state security officials!  If all these were exist, so it means refugees entered by approval of authorities and present governor Mohd Khan Achakzai is also alternating them.

The respected governor says without their approval the Afghan refugees came but presently they are living in urban areas and they have been given refugee cards, interestingly most of the refugees have Pakistani national identity card. This time Mohd Khan Achakzai is governor and state’s constitution empowered him, so he should at least halt this continuing process in the best interest of here’s people including state. He should evacuate the refugees from cities and confined them in refugee camps and nullify the cards provided them. The governor should take initiatives to repatriate the refugees to their home land where they strengthen the business field.

The governor Mohd Khan Achakzai does not contrive the discussed submissions, so this province local will have skeptic rooms in their minds that present governor is also helpless like his predecessor who could not stop outsiders coming and populating in their province the Balochistan.

And their failure also implicates breach of constitution or incompetence regarding implementation of state’s constitution that in place of Pakistanis the foreigners (Afghan Refugees) have given citizenship cards and business opportunities.

If the governor fails in doing so, then Balochistan’s people will be confirmed about this assumption that present governor is powerless like its predecessors and merely he is sitting on seat or he is sympathizer with outsiders but not with the local people. But the statement of the governor is exceptional that Afghan refugees have developed trade sector in Balochistan. His stance provokes questions that before arrival of Afghan Refugees, here’s people were unfamiliar with business or they were leading lives for thousands year without business or any trade!

No countrymen in entire world give priority the refugees on indigenous people as the governor of Balochistan Mohd Khan Achakzai spoke-out astonishingly in favor of Afghan refugees.

If the respected governor of Balochistan Mohd Achakzai does not take initiatives for repatriation of Afghan refugees, then assumption will be true that he is sympathizer with outsiders not with Pakistanis and following the racist agenda and wants unbalance the demography in the province of Balochistan. Or he is leading Balochistanis to a point which is not an issue but he is twisting it into an issue with intention to divert the attentions from genuine problems and enjoy the position of governorship with impunity.

The governor constitutionally is head of all departments in the province but he is helpless to repatriate the refugees; hence, it means this country’s authorities are powerless but others are ruling on the destination of here’s people. And the claims of independence and celebration of function has what mean where always governor looks as chief guest and discourses as being the representative of an independent country. The governor’s statement of being helplessness about Afghan refugees also affects the sovereignty and independence of the state.


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