Horse trading haunts on Senate election

By Ahmed Khan

On 5th March, 2015, by electoral bodies in provinces, the members for upper-house of the country Pakistan, imagesthe Senate were elected by voting. Here horse-trading term became common among the Pakistani politicians. Horse trading gives meaning to buy the voters’ in favor. The politicians are part of electoral bodies are expected for more wealth because they invested a lot during the election campaign or in settlement with establishment to let them reach in assemblies, then they will work on its instructions and also earn money for themselves by exploiting the positions.

The senate election was the best time for here’s politicians to horse-trade. Candidate requires 7 votes by provincial assembly members for being senator. As the result of voting, the Muslim League–N got 25 seats in Senate and Peoples Party clenched 26 and this party is on highest position in upper-house. Tehreek-e-Insaf inclusion in Senate is maiden with 7 seats. Some independent candidates surprisingly also were elected for Pakistani Senate positions.

In Balochistan, National Party won 3 seats and this party against the most obedience as bounty was given position in the Senate to Hasil Bizinjo in previous term of assemblies remembered at that time the NP boycotted election and it has no member in assembly but got position in senate, interestingly. This time the NP has MPAs at Balochistan Assembly. The Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party in past was a socialist inclined party and now fervently is taking part in all sorts of elections whether those are under the umbrella of establishment, the said party overlooked its pats ideology. The PKMAP also won 3 seats for Senate. Jamiat and Balochistan National (BNP-Mengal) of each party won one seat. It is bizarre that an independent but magnate person Mir Yousaf Badini won the seat for Senate by Balochistan’s Members of Provincial Assembly. And Mr. Yaqoob Nasir former head of Pakistan Muslim League Balochistan chapter lost his confirm seat.

After Senate election the politicians themselves expostulated about horse-trading. Mr. Sana Ullah Zehri the head of Balochistan Muslim League in media blamed for horse-trading in Senate election, and this party is ruling on country, presently. The ruling party or rulers are disable to halt the horse-trading, so who can do it? No one remains for this virtual job accomplishment.

The Senate is supreme institute in the country where people enter by unfair means, so how they will deliver the masses in fair way. In Balochistan, reserved seats for Senate were sold-out against heavy amount and scam also was appeared in media. This also boggles minds that how independent candidate won? The MPAs did not vote for their parties by which ticket they contested election and got position of MPA ship?

In Balochistan, this was reverberating elected independent candidate Mir Yousaf Badini spent a big amount and bought votes for his seat at Senate. In the result of such bargaining parties’ seasoned members were defeated.

The tradition of horse-trading pushes Pakistanis into desperation very deep. The dishonest people approached the upper-house in country and they are to set the direction of nation’s destination. Their presence at upper-house for five years is certain. Hence, this propels the Pakistanis to skeptically think about their future. The people who have no ideology and political experiences only consider personal interests but not prefer the country and masses; hence, the despicable horse-trading trend will embitter the Pakistanis lives furthermore.


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