Sir Haider Baloch; an awe inspiring educationalist

By Akram Jamaldini

No doubt, teachers are the guardian of civilization. The tempo of progress and development of any nation depends on its teachers and leaders. Because both elements take lead on their shoulders and as a result, became highly estimable in their vicinity.

However, here my article signifies the concise biography of a venerable teacher, social worker and veteran educationalist known as Sir Haider Jamaldini Baloch. He is a visionary, committed and profound personality. He belongs to a middle class family. During his learning process, he faced many challenges. Amid unfavorable circumstances, he completed his education.

Soon after that, he felt the alarming tone of illiteracy across the Balochistan. Especially, he observed the deprivation of education in Noshki. Likewise; he decided to start his career as a teacher. In fact, he was well versed with the following quotation “Maxim Gorky’’. “Motivation and grooming of kids is onerous phase than their birth one”.

Thus, acknowledging the tremendous potential demonstrated by him. He accepted the daunting and challenging task. He was never overwhelmed by the enormity of task. He built himself by sheer determination and force of character. He is made of sterling material and is second to none. Resultantly, he alone started promoting education.

Albeit, such initiative was a strenuous task and it was taken in a backward area. As our society, portrays a picture of grief. It’s his awfully haunted by illiteracy all around. He undertook the challenge on fast track basis. He sought the timely and swift control of situation and made significant contribution. He knew that road to prosperity is lying in education. So, he decided to raise the status of education and laid the first educational foundation of spark society comprising on “spark school” and “Karar academy”. Since 2000, he has been serving as principal at spark school and as a director at Karar academy. Apart from this, he is also leading the training of newly teachers, as to providing them the requisite acumen to ascertain students credential and sustainability.

Due to which, spark society is proceeding by leaps and bounds. It has changed not only the very shape of educational background of Noshki city, but also inspired he nearly adjacent districts.

Spark society, led by Sir Haider Jamaldini Baloch, doing their best to find out the talent on grass root level through the academy as through their efforts, he sends young guns to many institutes to groom them for the achievement of genuine demands; the students not only perform well but also prove awesome in their respective fields.

Similarly, he is also satisfied with his vision. However, he terms the success of spark society as evidence of strength in spark society team.

Though, he embarked upon the journey to set up spark society 15 years ago and certain people criticizes him on having this initiative alone, he said adding , “Time has proved that my step was in right direction to better the sagging future of education.”

He is a mentor not only to me but many young people who sought his guidance; always ready to reach out and help.

He has a truly inspirational personality inspiring people around him, especially the youth. He is a genius spreading his knowledge and has a soul of steel, fighting his challenge life thrown upon him. He is a visionary with dreams to do much for Noshki, Baluchistan and its people.

Subsequently, he proved himself as truly educationalist.


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