Baloch Blood Bank arranges seminar on Thalassemia day

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbani

ijbariThalassemia is a Greek word, Thal means land and Semia stands for sea. It exists historically in warm area of the world, and there are three main types of thalassemia; minor, intermediate and major. Beta thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that is caused by defective hemoglobin genes. It is a genetic disease which transfers from parents to newborn babies. It causes efficiency of quantity of red-cells and reduces this too. It causes essential to supply blood to patients, it is one of the dangerous diseases throughout the world. The first thalassemia case was reported in Europe and described by Doctor Thomas Colony in 1925. We can say it that, from birth to death this disease affects all aspects of life, mostly patients needed supply of blood two or four weeks in a month regularly or as requirements of affected patients.

As usual this year, on 8th May, in Quetta, in the connection of International Thalassemia day, the Baloch Blood Bank conducted a rally, which was kicked-off from Baloch Blood Bank main office On Sher Mohd Quetta, the participant marching on different roads reached officers’ club near civil secretariat Balochistan, where the organizers and Chief Guest of event Mr Poll Hockect spoke to the gathering and delivered information to the participant about the disease.

In his speech Mr Poll Hocteck said that it is very hazardous disease, our organization is struggle to bbberadicate this from our glob, and we are supporting all Blood Banks everywhere these are situated. Our aim is just to serve the humanity and facilitate the Blood Banks. At last he appreciated the Baloch Blood Bank and Dr Anwar Baloch with best compliments. He said that will support discussed organization to promote serve the human more conveniently.

Dr AttahUllah Bizenjo also spoke the gathering and said that Thalassemia disease is very harmful and it is damaging multiply to human. Further he said that it mostly relocates by family marriages and people should avoid marriage with close relatives.  At the last of his speech he said, I appeal the present government to help the Baloch Blood Bank; it is running the organization to help the underprivileged people from difference areas. The people of far-flung are simpleton and oblivious, but this organization of Baloch Blood Bank is helping in capital of province the Quetta to them.

At the end of speech series Dr Pir Jan Khowaja khail said that Thalassemia is threat to entire humanity. We ought to design a task to fight against it till full disappear from our planet. Further he said that Baloch Blood Bank is the organization every year marks Thalassemia day and re-vows to defeat it.

The Baloch Blood Bank is matchless organization in the province of Balochistan that has collected more than 13000 blood pouches within the period of four years. This organization is found by Dr Mohammad Anwar Baloch and formally started functioning on 5 October, 2010. Doctor Anwar Baloch has done very excellent job so far and did philanthropic work by serving the needful humans. The Baloch Blood Bank is organization where people can get blood round the clock. The organization has donors in emergencies, and common blood donors can approach any time in day and night to organization. The organization is philanthropically working and is appreciated by the masses, further affluent people and state authorities should step forward to make it more strengthen.

The writer can be reached at email: basheerahmed30. com twitter: @basheerijbani blog: http://www.basheerijbari.    Facebook: basheerijbani.


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