China’s expansionism to Balochistan

By Shehzad Baloch

The Soviet Union in sought of warm water’s avail had stricken in Afghanistan and got disintegrated. By now,5534d0e14edeb another power China in the pursuance of being superpower is on footprint of Soviet and has fixed its eyes on same locale the Gwadar.

The Soviet Union past superpower and present emerging colonial power the China has some differences in policies. The China is on the path of expansionism, making colonies in innovative way. The Soviet Union used its army and resources to subjugate the small nationalities. But China first snatches resources of under developed nations by the assistance of controlled government or it pays-off the bourgeois rulers from robbed wealth from small occupied nationalities.

In Balochistan, the China first looted resources by succor of Pakistani establishment in shape of Saindak gold project and other minerals. By now, it is stepping in Balochistan pragmatically and paying a small amount which first gained from also Balochistan. And this red-imperialist is also evading bring its army directly to Balochistan but using Pakistan’s forces under its command. The China is much shrewd rather than the Soviet Union that directly used its resources and army.

China is relinquishing socialistic economy and is based on open market or capitalism. For catering its huge population it supplies low-cost production in world market. This country for excess to markets need routes and bases for shipment, transship and further process. Raw material is required to China for steering the wheel of it industry and consumption. For all these purposes it has picked the region of Balochistan and its coast the Gwadar.

The Gwadar, once a part of Oman before it is gained by Pakistan in 1958, without consent of genuine heir the Baloch. This is least developed district in Balochistan. It sits strategically near the Persian Gulf and close to the Strait of Hormuz, through which 40% of world’s oil passes.

The construction and operation of this multi-billion dollar deep sea port at Gwadar was constructed to a Chinese company in 2013, and some analysts argue that the port could turn into China’s naval base in the Baloch occasion, enabling Beijing to monitor Indian and American naval activities. In Arab occasion American Aircraft ships are patrolling but China also wants control on strategic points like Gwadar.

The China has planned to build more giant ports as modal of Guangdong in Africa and Asia.

China already made long-term agreements with Russia and Central Asian States Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan about oil and gas. So now, China is enhancing diplomatic ties with Arab states regarding oil and gas security. The Gwadar port cut its long distance and from this point, the Chinese bordering towns are merely 2500 kilometer.

The Chinese president Xi Jingping arrived in Islamabad on April 20, 2015, for one day visit. Where president signed on bilateral agreements mostly energy sector but the main project was Gwadar deep sea port and linking with this port of Chinese bordering cities which is named economic corridor. Chinese officials described the corridor as the “flagship project” of a border policy “One Belt, One Road” which seeks to physically connect the China to its markets in Asia, Europe and beyond.

The Indian security analyst and think-tanks are viewing Chinese existence in Balochistan expansionism and advancement in military aspect. The Indian analyst foretold that Gwadar will be naval of China in future. The European countries particularly America also doesn’t seem to tolerate the Chinese presence in Balochistan.

In Balochistan, a separatist war is being fought. This resource rich province’s masses are the poorest in entire country. The China already is busy in plundering resources of Baloch by help of Pakistan’s establishment. The Pakistani rulers and establishment’s parts confessed injustices with Baloch but meantime they are continuing extraction of resources by help of China without will of Baloch but they in foisted way are implementing designs on ground.

The discussed dissents in Balochistan caused mutiny in province. The Baloch commenced guerilla warfare after failure in political manner in the gain of rights within state of Pakistan. The Baloch separatists are resisting for more than twelve years and state forces by power could not root-out insurgency in the province of Balochistan. The separatist movement after its struggle of decade also got recognized internationally and generated sources for its long term sustain.

The Pakistan’s political system totally got failed and corruption with individual interests crippled the state; resultantly, it survives only on aid or in return of selling of its assets or fighting proxy war for someone. Now it has sold-out the Gwadar port to China after giving mineral of province to that.

The China has oxygenated Pakistani establishment to eliminate the obstacles in Balochistan. The Baloch insurgents carried-out several time attacks on Chinese companies in the region. The China antagonistic countries may support these Baloch insurgent for subversive activities. On the other hand, establishment also got about $46 from China and adamant to curb resistance and snatch all from Balochistan’s people and onward keep up its arrogance. The top brass is menacing the insurgents for ultimate consequence for being hampered in interests. The nationalists are also blaming in their statements on state apparatuses for genocide of Baloch nation.

The prevailing situations in Balochistan are inkling to a dreadful scenario in future. Conditions will demarcate the fate of Baloch nation whether it will be able to uphold it identification with historical heritage of thousand years, preserve its resources for nation, but in case of defeat it will lose all like Saindak, Sui and other projects which didn’t benefit a tinge to Baloch.

The China is a sham socialist state that does not consider small nations’ interests but trampling all human values to grab Baloch resources. This attitude by China is totally negation of socialism but shows it a red-imperialist.


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